Women and Orgasms

I was just sharing a website link with a friend and I stumbled across this compilation of details about women, masturbation and orgasms. Feel free to share your own
thoughts and observations….

10 Observations about Female Masturbation

  1. Observation #1Most women use spit to lubricate during masturbation. Periodically wetting their fingers is also a great way to taste themselves, and some girls
    smell and suck their fingers after intense vaginal fingering. 
  2. Observation #2About 10 percent of women regularly masturbate on their tummy. They may hump a pillow, but mostly they ride on the side of their hand, the knuckle of their index finger.  Some women prefer to hump an object, and often that’s how they learned to masturbate.
  3. Observation #3About 5% of women like to anally finger while they masturbate. Most of them also like to smell their fingers.
  4. Observation #4About half of all women often like to masturbate in daring places such as public spaces, in their car, or in the workplace. The workplace is the most common ‘other place’ where women masturbate.
  5. Observation #5Most women DON’T simulate intercourse while they masturbate. Dildos are more often used as clitoral stimulators or as an accessory to clitoral stimulation. A small percentage will orgasm while simulating penetration by a penis, using a dildo or their fingers.
  6. Observation #6Most women DON’T talk out loud, squeal, or moan while they masturbate. But some do.
  7. Observation #7Some girls DO like to watch porn while they masturbate.  Most tell us they prefer girl-girl porn.
  8. Observation #8Many girls like to use the fabric of their knickers or the seam of their pantyhose to stimulate themselves.
  9. Observation #9Many women find nipple stimulation helps them orgasm
  10. Observation #10It’s not unusual for women to watch themselves masturbate in the mirror. It turns them on to watch themselves. Sometimes a video camera works just as well.

Visit the site – http://www.ifeelmyself.com/feck_subaff/redirect.php?id=9a3a03e0 to find out more about female masturbation and orgasm, but this is a very graphic site, so no one under 18 should visit the site. The site was developed for adult entertainment and honestly, can be an educational tool for women who want to learn more.

(Content from http://www.ifeelmyself.com/public/femalemasturbation.htm)



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