Why Work With a Love Coach

The divorce rate gets higher each year, less people are getting married each year and there are more dysfunctional families each year. It would seem these facts prove people need coaching in their relationships.  Have you worked on your relationship with yourself? Do you have a healthy love and respect for yourself? That is the first step to being able to have a successful relationship with your partner.love yourself, healthy self love, love coach, relationship coach

Goals When Working with a Love Coach/Relationship Coach

  • Make a real difference in the coach’s life and the lives of clients
  • Share positive and unbiased information about love, relationships, intimacy and sexuality
  • Provide positive information to empower clients to give and receive love
  • Teach clients to communicate their needs effectively
  • Support clients to set their own goals and to make their own decisions
  • Empower clients to live and love to the fullest
  • Provide honest, complete and non-judgmental support
  • Listen to our clients and help them develop a plan to reach their goals
  • Help clients understand and reach their personal potential through a strategic plan

It is not the coach’s job to make the decisions for their client, but to help the client look inside themselves, learn more about themselves, learn to love themselves and set the goals that will help them reach their personal goals.

A love and relationship coach helps you learn to love yourself and others. For many people, learning to have a healthy love for themselves, will set them on the road to much healthier and more positive love with other people. It’s hard to expect someone else to love us, when we don’t love ourselves.

Coaches help with various types and stages of relationships, including: social, romantic, sexual and intimate.  Whether you want to prepare for a successful long term relationship or if you want to improve a current relationship – you can benefit from working with a love coach.

Love coaching and relationship coaching is not therapy, is not psychology or psychiatry – we don’t cure you or heal you. Instead, we help you look inside of yourself, determine what you need and how to make your life and your relationships better – on all levels.

Would you like more information? Contact me at lovecoachjourney@gmail.com and we can determine if a relationship can help you? Each coach has a niche or focus, click here (http://lovecoachjourney.com/goals/) to understand more about my focus.

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