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For reference purposes — I wanted to add some female anatomy pictures to the blog and then, I can link to this page to provide visuals for some of my articles. These are graphic and accurate pictures of female genital anatomy. Please use responsibly. Click the link to the male anatomy at the top of the blog to learn more about the parts of the male genitalia.

Female Anatomy

Vulva - Masters and Johnson Human Sexuality Book




Female Breast - Masters and Johnson Human Sexuality Book

Female Anatomy

Vulva: the visible outer area of the female genitalia including the pubic hair region (mons veneris).

Labia Majora: first set of outer lips which are cushioned with fat and help to protect the genitals inside, much like the male scrotum.

Labia Minora: lips stretching from one end of the vulva to the other, meeting at two corners. At one end they form a protective covering for the clitoris.

Urethra: unlike a man’s penis, a woman has her own separate opening from where she urinates. The urethra is located between the clitoris and the vaginal opening.

Vaginal Introitus (Opening): a hollow muscle-lined tube that extends from its opening to the cervix, located deep inside the vagina.

Clitoris: pleasure organ located at the top of the labia minora where the lips are joined together. The head (glans) is the only visible part. Below the clitoral head is the shaft which extends from the head beneath the hood.

*The clitoris has no function other than orgasmic pleasure. It has the highest number of concentrated nerve fibers totaling 8,000 to be exact. That’s higher than anywhere else in the body and twice as many as the man’s penis.

Perineum: the space between the anus and vagina

Anus: the opening at the end of the digestive tract joining the rectum

Mons Veneris: fatty tissue covering the pubic bone. Pubic hair grows on the mons with puberty.

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