Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men

People who visit my blog know that I offer plenty of anal play tips for men and women. Many men that I’ve spoken to – straight and gay – really enjoy anal play. But they may hesitate to tell their partner. So, for some very hot new ways to play with your man, I wanted to share information about this book.

From a coaching and master sexpert point of view – anal sex includes any anal play. This can be simple anal massage or insertion of a toy, hand, finger or penis into the anus. There are many types of anal play and anal sex that men can enjoy. Their partners can also enjoy this very much – don’t you love turning your man on and discovering new ways to stimulate his body?

This book is a great way to learn more about enjoyable, erotic and very stimulating anal play. Start by learning how important trust and open honest communication are in any type of anal play. Find out the ways to make anal play safe, hygienic, stimulating and very enjoyable. Discover the types of sex toys and how to use those toys to turn on your man. You will find complete anatomy information to help you locate the spots on his body that will really heat up your play. Your man can have incredible orgasms through the right anal play – watch him melt with your touch when you and he learn the wealth of tips in the Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men.

For full details, visit – http://www.edenfantasys.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-anal-sex-for-men/adult-toys-dvds-18683

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