Tips to Please Your Woman

Imagine for a minute – that your woman comes to you asking for sex. That’s right – you don’t have to ask, you don’t worry that she’ll claim to have a headache or to be too busy. That’s because you have proven to be the ideal partner and lover – and she wants you. She wants you to make love to her. Does that sound good? I’m going to give you the secret formula…

I once heard that “anyone can have sex, but making love is an art form.” That is very true, and pleasing your woman is an art. Here are the “secrets” you need to know to please your woman and to take your relationship to a deeper and more satisfying level.

First, you need to be aware and have thorough knowledge of what you woman wants, needs and desires. Sure you may have been together for a long time and you may feel that you know everything about her – but maybe you have started to take your relationship for granted. You know she takes care of the kids, she drives the car pool on Tuesdays and she almost always has dinner on the table by 7.

But do you know what drives her crazy? Do you know the spots where she wants to feel your lips on her body? Do you notice the subtle differences in her moans as she’s about to cum? What combinations of your hands, your mouth and intercourse does she prefer? What is her favorite type of foreplay? What’s her favorite after play?

Before we dig into those details, you should know that your woman needs three characters in her lover.

  • She wants a father figure to take care of her, support and protect her – when she needs it
  • A lover that respects, appreciates, and desire her and make passionate love to her
  • A mischievous little boy who is playful, spontaneous, fun and unpredictable

She also needs certain things from her partner and lover:

  • Sometimes (but not all the time) he wants you to take control
  • Other times she wants to initiate sex – and she wants you to be ready, willing and able
  • There are times when she wants to learn something new from you
  • She wants you to make her laugh – laugh with her, not at her
  • She wants and needs you to help her feel confident sexually – compliment her
  • Just like she wants you to be a little boy at time, sometimes she wants to be a mischievous little girl

So down to the nitty gritty – these are the things that are included in pleasing your woman –

  • You need to stimulate her mind and body – not just one, but both and its good to start with her mind
  • Boost her confidence in bed – be honest and positive
  • You need to put her needs first – don’t rush to cum yourself and you may want to learn ways to last longer in bed to please her longer
  • Consider her feelings when you talk and deal with her – if she’s had a long day don’t rush her to have sex. Give her a massage and see what she wants it to go
  • Let her know how you feel about her – sure we know men don’t want to talk about their feelings, but do you tell her that you love her? You need to.
  • Maybe the most difficult is to help her accept her sexuality. It doesn’t make sense to men, but often family, friends, religion and society have “taught” a woman not to embrace her sexuality. You will both be much happier if you help her accept and surrender to her sexuality.

A short review of the results and benefits of pleasing your woman

  • It builds her confidence and yours
  • It encourages her to be more sexual
  • You both will likely improve your sexual skills
  • The better your sex life is – the less likely infidelity will be a concern
  • It builds feelings of desirability in both of you
  • You derive pleasure from seeing her pleasure and satisfaction
  • The intimacy between you will increase
  • The commitment between you will likely increase and/or improve
  • And – you will likely have better sex

So, do you think it’s a good idea to focus on pleasing your woman?

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