The Steep Price of Love

The Steep Price of Love

by Shobhan Bantwal – author of The Reluctant Matchmaker

What will a woman do . . . or not do for love?

There is no relationship in the universe that does not involve some degree of personal sacrifice or giving of oneself. Whether it is a man-woman relationship or one that exists between siblings, parents and children, or other extended family members, there is no getting away from compromises, breaking boundaries, forgiveness, and sacrifices. In other words, as unrefined as it sounds, there is a “price tag” attached to every relationship.

Love and marriage are never easy, despite the emotional satisfaction and the romance attached to both. In general, women are more willing to accommodate the needs and wants of the men they love. How often do we hear about a man giving up his chosen profession because his beloved thinks it is too dangerous or time-consuming? Very rarely. And yet, a woman may decide to relinquish her own career and family dreams to marry the man she loves. It is not uncommon for a woman to stay in an abusive relationship or overlook her spouse’s infidelity. It all comes down to priorities of the heart and mind. Every individual has to decide the boundaries of what, and how much they will give up to make a relationship work.

To some degree I have explored this very subject in my latest book, The Reluctant Matchmaker (July 1, 2012). My heroine, Meena, is a very petite woman who falls in love with her exceptionally tall and slightly older boss, Prajay. So imagine her astonishment when Prajay makes a shocking request: he wants her to craft a personal ad to help him find a suitable brideā€”a statuesque and sophisticated Indian-American woman. Despite her feelings for him, Meena can’t refuse the odd assignment or the generous fee attached to it. Suddenly thrust into the role of “matchmaker” and “marriage consultant,” Meena has to decide what is more important: her own happiness or making Prajay’s marriage dreams come true. In making that crucial decision, she comes to some surprising realizations about love and tradition, and the sacrifices she will or won’t make for the sake of both.

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