Tender Touch Ribbed Silicone

To give you the inside track on this cool little toy – we need to have a heart to heart talk. The guys may have a hard time hearing this — but those of us who love being with a man, should understand what I’m going to share with you. This is more graphic than usual – but let’s talk about the little things you love about making love to your man….

We love to feel his strong chest that we run our fingers and lips across, his strong arms that make us feel safe, those lips – oh how we love those lips that we kiss and that makes us feel so good in so many wonderful places. We also love the feel of the head of his rock hard penis rubbing against – teasing our clit and our lower lips. But, be honest with me…. don’t you love the fact that even a hard cock has a little flex in the head. You know what I’m talking about. Whether you’re taking him into your mouth,  easing him into your wet pussy or your well lubed ass, you know that movement I’m talking about.  Its kind of like getting an intimate nod from his shaft just for you.

Why am I sharing this with you ? Because this toy has that same flex. It has nice ribs near the center, and the tip flexes and has a great feel when it touches you. The silicone “skin” just adds to the luxurious feel. I think you will really like the feel of the silicone combined with the flexing tip – whether you use it with your partner or if you ease it in yourself. It is great for vaginal or anal play – with a partner or alone. Like I always recommend – get creative and have fun 🙂

In addition to all this — the Tender Touch has multiple vibration speeds. Moving from one speed to the next is very easy – no jolting feeling as you shift the vibration up or down – depending on your mood or your state or arousal 🙂 Whether you want a little simulation or when you reach the point where you want or need to rev things up and bring them to a climax.

PS – Did I mention the Tender Touch is waterproof? So, you can use this in the tub or the shower…

Master Sexpert Tips –

  • Use plenty of lube for clitoral, vaginal, G-spot or especially anal massage and play
  • Never use a toy in the anus and move to the vagina without cleaning it thoroughly first – with toy cleaner or soap and water. This is really important any time, but the character of the tip makes it even more important.
  • Be sure to thoroughly clean all toys before and after you use them. This is really easy with toy cleaner or soap and hot water. The “stimulator” tip needs additional attention when cleaning.
  • Depending on the size of an anal vibrator that you or your man or woman enjoy – you could use plenty of lube and use this for anal stimulation.


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