Review – Bunny Dreams

We’re all familiar with the rabbit vibrators. They come in just about every shape, size, color and configuration imaginable. And from the women I’ve spoken with – the rabbit design definitely seems to be a[…]

Top 100 Sex Blogs – 2012

Its the time of year we look forward to — no, not the holidays Its time for the annual list of the top 100 Sex Blogs – here it is…. Click on the name of[…]

Competence Leading to Improve Personal Life

Do you have the competence to improve your everyday living and overall humane existence, or do you lack this quality? To improve personal living you have to find competence to take control. Our life is[…]

Building Courage to Improve your Personal Life

When you build courage, you start to improve your personal life. Building courage will help you take risks to a brighter future that you ordinarily would not take. When you build courage, you put fear[…]

Discovering Values that Improve your Personal Life

Values make us as a person and define how we invest our time, energy and money. When our values are high, we can reach the limits of improving our personal life. Throughout our life, we[…]

Accepting to Improve your Personal Life

Do you have the ability to accept the things you can change and the things you cannot change? Do you have the ability to accept that other people are opt to change them, rather than[…]

Discovering Intentions to Improve your Personal Life

How to discover your intentions: Good intentions are the ultimate choice of improving your life. If you have bad intentions, it is a sign you are filled with greed, envy, hate and so on. You[…]

Eating Right to Improve your Personal Life

How to live healthier The main thing to a healthier you, is to eat right exercise and visit your family doctor regularly. This is all part of a healthier you and if your healthier you[…]

Certified in Love

Love — there are many definitions of love – but this is one of my favorite – “Love is accepting someone just the way they are without trying to change or improve them.” I completely[…]

Touch Her Soul

Touch a woman’s mind you get her interest. Touch a woman’s heart you get her love. Touch a woman’s soul you get passion beyond your wildest dreams!