Self Confidence Makes You a Great Lover

Love is a beautiful emotion, a gift given to a chosen few. Not everybody get lots of love in his or her lifetime. However, many times lovers mess it up and don’t appreciate the gift[…]

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Echos of Creation – The Wellness Experience

An exclusive preview from Chapter II of “Echoes of Creation” by Emmy® Award winning director Jan Nickman and featuring Grammy® nominated composer David Arkenstone. Part of the Wellness Experience™ film series available to rent, download[…]

Rev Up Love Life After Pregnancy

It may be surprising what a damper children can be on your love life. The first year after a baby is born many women struggle with exhaustion, fluctuating hormones and the overwhelming adjustment that a[…]

Certified in Love

Love — there are many definitions of love – but this is one of my favorite – “Love is accepting someone just the way they are without trying to change or improve them.” I completely[…]

How a Dating Coach Can Help You

Are YOU Ready For Love Are You: * Single and Looking For Love * Married and Trying to Improve Your Relationship Do You: * Want to Love Yourself More * Find More Love in a[…]

Ask a Relationship Coach About Love Poems

Chris asks… love poems? my anniversary with my girlfriend in on the 10th of this month. i wanna do something sweet for her and i thought a love poem would be great, but i dont[…]

Touch Her Soul

Touch a woman’s mind you get her interest. Touch a woman’s heart you get her love. Touch a woman’s soul you get passion beyond your wildest dreams!