Young sexy white hetro couple in love

Master the Perfect Kiss and Give Your Partner a Great Gift

For many years, guys and gals growing up getting their sex cues from Hollywood romances didn’t have a clue about how to kiss. That changed with more realistic kisses coming to the movies, but now[…]

Certified in Love

Love — there are many definitions of love – but this is one of my favorite – “Love is accepting someone just the way they are without trying to change or improve them.” I completely[…]

Oral Sex Certification from Loveology University

When I do interviews – one of the most popular topics is oral sex, for men and women. The funniest interview was with a man (I’ll keep his name to myself) who said he simply[…]

Why Do Millions of Women Enjoy Erotica

Some time ago, Oprah did a show about why millions of women are using porn and erotica.I thought it was very clear she was not comfortable with the topic or her guests. But in between[…]

How a Dating Coach Can Help You

Are YOU Ready For Love Are You: * Single and Looking For Love * Married and Trying to Improve Your Relationship Do You: * Want to Love Yourself More * Find More Love in a[…]

Ask a Relationship Coach About Love Poems

Chris asks… love poems? my anniversary with my girlfriend in on the 10th of this month. i wanna do something sweet for her and i thought a love poem would be great, but i dont[…]