Review – System JO Lavender Massage Glide

I’ve heard about System JO and their wide variety of products, but never tried them until this week.  I love massages, so I just couldn’t resist reviewing this product first. We’re all familiar with massage oil and lotions, but System JO calls their’s a Massage Glide. I like that and was curious if I would feel the difference. Its wonderful!

System JO Massage Glide LavenderI’ve tried quite a few massage oils and lotions and I’ve had a decent number of massages (although never enough 🙂 and have never felt a product that felt this good. Seriously, its wonderful and its what they call, an All-in-One. From everything I read and could find, that is a massage oil, a lubricant and a moisturizer. That’s not bad at all they claim that 1 drop of System JO is equal to 10-15 drops of another product — so you save money and it would seem that means it wouldn’t be as messy as some massage oils.

If you want to give a therapeutic massage or a more intimate erotic massage — I highly recommend that you try System JO’s Massage Glide. (If you want to give an erotic massage, click here for my suggestions.)

For a full body massage, for some arousing self love, to make your foreplay “smoother” and to go directly from foreplay to lubricated intercourse, this is the only product you need. A great side perk is that it makes your hands and skin silky smooth too. Even if you just want to spoil your partner, keep this Massage Glide in mind for a shoulder massage or if you like to pay attention to your partner’s feet, this will make it even better.

I played with the product quite a while and it does last for a long time and it didn’t get tacky or sticky at all. I’ve heard the phrase silky smooth before – but this has a great feel on your hands and on your body. And, isn’t that one of the key qualities we want in a massage or lube product?

Master Sexpert Tips –

  • System JO Massage Glide comes in Unscented, Citrus, Lavender and a Warming Glide
  • With some lubes you need to be careful with condoms, this is latex compatible
  • We know that often a massage can turn into much more, with this Massage Glide, you’re ready for any activity
  • Even if moisture isn’t a concern for you and your partner, a bit of lube can make sex more enjoyable.
  • Lube is perfect for those times when you want that extra smooth, silky feel in your love making.
  • Lube is beneficial for many forms of sexual activity – massage, masturbation, vaginal intercourse, anal sex.
  • Warming lubes are great for nipple and breast stimulation and can be used on the genitals
  • If you and your partner prefer more vigorous sex – definitely use lube to cut down on the friction and to let your partner thrust harder – for longer.
  • Oil and petroleum based lubes should not be used with condoms because it can cause the condom to deteriorate – KY Jelly should NOT be used with condoms
  • Water based lubes are a great choice, they are compatible with all toys and with condoms, it is easy to clean, and it doesn’t stain.
  • You may want to test several types of lubes on your own to see which type and what feel you like better. Then keep it close to your bed, in your glove compartment or purse — depending on where you plan to give a massage or to have sex.
  • Put a small amount of System JO Massage Glide in the palm of your hands and place your hands on your partner’s body. Like I always say — use your imagination and be creative. Let your silky smooth hands roam and see what your partner enjoys. When you’re finished, hand them the bottle…. then its your turn.

Information From the System JO Website

JO Massage Glide Lavender is designed to let you relax and allows you to safely experience sensual massage and sexual intimacy in one pleasurable session. JO Massage Glide is silicone based and its unique formula provides a silky smooth massage, and never leaves your skin feeling greasy, oily or tacky.

  • Long Lasting
  • 1 Drop of JO Glide equals 10-15 Drops of other Massage Oils
  • No Perfumes & Formulated with the Highest Grade Essential Oils.
  • Aroma Therapeutic
  • Can be Used as a Personal Lubricant
  • Terrific tattoo and Skin Conditioner
  • 100% latex safe

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