Stress Free Relationships with Your Ex After Divorce

Stress Free Relationships with Your Ex After Divorce

Stress free life after divorce? How is that possible? You know I’ve got your attention! Join Allison Naish and me, Nikki Leigh, on Ready for Love Radio to find out HOW you can have a peaceful relationship AFTER a divorce. This is Allison’s specialty – she coaches women to help them have stress free relationships after divorce, even if he’s the most difficult guy in the world. Just tune in…

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These are some of the things we will discuss –

  • How did you become a coach?
  • In your experience, what causes suffering in relationships? 
  • What can end a relationship? 
  • What can people do to improve their relationships?  
  • How do you define a boundary and how do you teach your clients to use them?
  • How do you define respect?
  • What is your definition of trust? 
  • Tell us about your typical client.
  • How do you work with your clients?

Visit Allison’s website for your FREE copy of

Stop the Insanity:  5 Tips to End Stress with Your Ex


E-book from Nikki’s Love Accept and Respect Yourself Program mentioned on the show

How to Love Yourself as Your Life Changes – Lesson 11

About Allison Naish –

Allison is a relationship and communication coach who helps women after divorce have stress free relationships with their ex, even if he’s the most difficult guy in the world! She is the founder of Create Extraordinary Relationships. Gifted with an incredible powerful and compassionate heart, she has the ability to get to the heart the matter. Her mission is to end suffering as we know it in relationships.

For close to two decades, with her intense passion and visionary leadership, Allison has worked in both the personal and corporate coaching fields with clients ranging from single mothers and couples to managers and teams. She is a speaker, a CTI professional coach, recognized by the International Coach

Federation, as well as a certified coach through the Academy of Choice, who’s process is based on the foundation of the legendary Dr. William Glasser’s Choice Theory. Her own personal poignant story of transformation from heartbreak to triumph is featured in the book Reconcilable Differences: Marriages End Families Don’t, along with articles in The Globe and Mail.

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