Spring Clean Your Emotions Workshop with Diana Dorell

This is the time of year to spring clean and this week on Ready for Love radio, we will learn how to “spring clean” our emotions with Diana Dorell. The time of year and the need to “spring clean” our emotions gave me the idea to create an “on air” workshop to share some exercises with my listeners. For this experiment, I decided to bring back a third generation medicine woman and coach, Diana Dorell. It is an interesting show and we found a couple of great volunteers to demonstrate how these exercises work and you will hear how these can work in your life.

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Several exercises we discuss and demonstrate on the show –

  • Forgiveness prayer (Hawaiian prayer I learned that can lift off stuck energy around the heart. For you as well as the old lover in question)
  • “Who have I kept outside my heart?” before bedtime ritual (I learned this first from Doreen Virtue) and it’s a great exercise to clear and resolve old hurt and wounds during your sleep time.
  • Cord-cutting and energetic vacuuming with the Angels ( a 5-step process that’s in my book The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again that I learned from Doreen and adapted). This is the #1 thing I take private clients through when they’ve been unable to release an ex from their space.
Link to the 3-session Let Go Of Your Ex Already! package. Including a special rate (50%) for my listeners

Check out Diana’s book –

The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again – https://www.amazon.com/Dating-Mirror-Trust-Again-Love/dp/0988447177/

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About Diana Dorell

Diana Dorell is a third generation healer, certified Angel Therapy Practitioner with Doreen Virtue, Ph.D, numerologist, Reiki Master and former radio host. Diana helps powerful women feel confident and magnetic in their relationships, starting with themselves! She’s the author of “The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again”, founder of the Angel Reiki Renewal Institute, has led workshops on how to trust your intuition all over the US and has been a speaker at the State of Now #140conf in New York City along with Deepak Chopra, Ann Curry and others. She’s passionate about helping people connect with their intuition and helping them have amazing relationships. She can be found at www.DianaDorell.com

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