Step by Step To Spoil Your Partner’s Feet

Previously, I shared some information to help you understand more about foot fetish.

Now, let’s cover the steps that explain how you can thrill your lover’s toes.

1 – Undress the feet — remove socks, nylons, stockings etc. If you are so inclined, draw out removal of the stockings and linger on her thighs, her legs and anywhere else your hands and fingers may roam as you remove these items. (If you enjoy stockings, you may want to replace them a little later.)

2 – Wipe lint and other things away from between the toes. You can do this with your hand or an item that will gently remove the lint and maybe tickle a little bit.

3 – Soak the feet in warm water and you may want to add lavender scented soap or essential oil. Lavendar is an aphrodisiac and the scent is relaxing.

4 – Use a pumis stone or a wash clothes to remove any dead skin.

5 – Use moisturizing soap to clean between the toes, all around the heal, caress the ankle – if you want to, you can work your way up the lower leg, over the knees, along the thighs…. But I digress….

6 – Pat the areas dry with a warm, soft, fluffy towel

7 – Carefully clean under your partner’s nail, then clip and file each toe nail individually giving full attention to each nail

8 — Clip any hang nails carefully

9 – Be sure that you have some flavored lubricant or some liquid food, maybe syrup of some kind. Squeeze the liquid into the palm of your hand

10 – Rub your hands together to heat theliquid

11 – Use your hands to caress and massage your partner’s feet, one at a time.

12 – You can use different strokes and different pressure to vary the touch. (You may want to look into an Erotic Massage Course)

13 – Once you have warmed up your partner’s feet and have them relaxed – breath slowly on the skin of their feet – exhale with warm breaths.

14 –Move your mouth or your partner’s feet to change the distance between your breath and their skin.

15 – Lick your lips – thoroughly so that your lips are wet and ready

16 – Breath close to your partner’s big toe and kiss their toe.

17 – Kiss the big toe and wrap your lips around the toe, sliding your mouth onto it.

18 – Take each toe individually – caress the toe with your lips and tongue, run your tongue around each toe, along the top the sides and underneath each toe, suck them into your mouth and kiss each toe. Take your time and give each toe plenty of attention. Treat the toe just like you would treat a penis when giving your partner oral sex.

19 – As your suck each toe, push your pinky finger between the toes to give the feeling of being penetrated.

20 – Slide your hand under one heel and cup the heel carefully. Be sure to use more lubricant at any time if your hands start to get dry. Wet hands and fingers give a much smoother massage.

21 – Gently bite the soles of the feet or nibble the sole and if your partner enjoys this, you can nibble softly around the edge of the foot.

22 – You enjoy hearing your partner moan – they will enjoy hearing you moan too. Let them know how much you enjoy pleasuring their feet.

23 – Run the tip of your tongue along the vein lines on the top of each foot.

24 – Pull on the skin of the foot – this is easier and sexier with wet hands. Alternately pull on the skin and tap on the bottom and the edges of the feet.

25 – Stroke your partner’s feet, alternating the rhythm the same way you would vary the rhythm of thrusts and strokes during intercourse. Slowly stroke and you can stroke faster and harder – if your partner enjoys this – as you simulate intercourse

26 – It is always important to listen to your partner and watch their reactions to be sure they are enjoying what you are doing. This will also help you know what to do more and what to do less – to please your partner.

27 – Pick a toe – watching your partner’s reactions can help you decide which one to pick. Then treat this toe like you would treat a clitoris. Use your imagination, be creative and give that toe your undivided attention.

28 – Be sure to let your partner know when you are aroused. If you are getting aroused too fast, show this too.

29 – Enjoy the process, use plenty of lubrication on your hands and on your partner’s feet and toes. This will allow you to keep your movements, strokes and other touch smooth and arousing.

30 – Most important – have fun and stimulate your partner through their feet.

Would you like to learn more about Foot Fetish? Check out this course This foot stimulation is my interpretation of a process described in this course, by Dr Ava Cadell.

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