Signs Your Woman Is Cheating

Women cheaters are rapidly catching up to men because they are more independent than ever before, both economically and sexually. With more female breadwinners, it’s no wonder they feel entitled to get their share of sex and are taking responsibility for their own pleasure. Women are less inhibited about asking for what they want and not being afraid to cheat if they don’t get their needs met.  For women, communication is the most important ingredient in their relationship, so when the communication lines are closed, they retaliate by using their sexual assets.

The media has finally acknowledged female cheating on popular TV shows like ABC’s Desperate Housewives, so just because the little wife is seemingly disinterested in sex, don’t be surprised when you find out that she has been doing it with the pool boy and the gardener.


She slacks off from doing household chores like the laundry, cooking family meals, or spends less time with the kids so she can spend more time with her lover.

  1. She will be distracted when you are talking to her because she is daydreaming about her lover.
  2. She will be less affectionate, spends extra time in the bathroom bathing and doing her hair and makeup for last minute events that do not include you.
  3. She buys her own sexy lingerie.
  4. She goes on a diet and joins a gym without telling you.
  5. She wears more revealing clothes before she leaves the house.
  6. She puts on more perfume than usual.
  7. She starts criticizing you and comparing you to other men.
  8. She isn’t interested in going away for a romantic vacation with you.
  9. She leaves the room when she answers her cell phone.

If you would like to keep your woman from wanting or feeling the need to cheat — here are some tips to show you what she wants.

  • Give unexpected massages, hair stroking or other physical affection
  • Only if sincere, tell her how much she means to you during lovemaking
  • Compliment her with “just because” notes or phone calls
  • Plan romantic evenings that will fill her with anticipation of what is to come
  • Lavish her with oral sex and let her climax first
  • Share romantic feelings
  • Experiment with role-playing


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