Look for the Signs of Love

Have you played the “he loves me, he loves me not” game with a flower? If not – you pick a flower and as you pull one petal at a time, you say “He loves me” and as you pick the next petal, you say “He loves me not”. This torture continues until all the petals are gone or you throw the flower down in disgust :) Yes – it is one of those silly things we do to determine if a guy loves us. Some people think it is full of frustration, while others think it is full of intrigue.

I want you to keep your eyes and ears open when you are around the object of your desire. Look for subtle signs that they are interested in you — or not.

There are four areas to watch:

  • The Eyes
  • What is Said
  • What isn’t Said
  • What is Done

The Eyes

We’re always told not to stare, but when the person you are interested in, is caught watching you, this is a good thing. If they look at you and you can “hold their eyes” this is good – even better if its for more than a moment or two. Return the look and hold their gaze for a couple of moments, to let them know you’re interested too.

What is Said

If you have a trusted and subtle friend, see what kind of information they can find. Subtle is my recommendation, otherwise this can sound like something from middle school and that’s not the goal. For people who don’t have a friend who can do this, just keep your ears open and see what you can find out yourself. Also pay attention to what the person says to you personally and when they know you are listening. Don’t try to read between the lines and make up crazy interpretations. Just listen to the words and take things at face value.

What isn’t Said

We all know how hard it can be to seak up to a new love interest. This can be a fear of failure or rejection. When a person is very tongue tied around you or very shy, this can mean they are interested in you. But keep in mind it could also mean they don’t want to talk to you :)

What is Done

You’ve heard the saying “Actions speak louder than words”. That is especially true here. Watch their body language – do they lean close to you? Do they turn toward you? Is there stance “open” to you? Do they touch your arm or hand softly? Did they shake your hand and hold it a little longer than everyone else? All of these things can be indications that they like you.

In conclusion, use your common sense and look for signs that the person does or doesn’t like you.

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