Sexless Marriage and Increasing Intimacy in Marriage with Liam Naden

Join Nikki Leigh, love coach and host of Ready for Love radio. Liam Naden, a relationship coaching and author joins me for this podcast. His specialty is helping people in marriages and relationships in trouble. So, we will talk about sexless marriages and working on problems in your relationship. We will also talk about things to do before getting into a new relationship to help you have a positive and healthy relationship.

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We will discuss –

  • What is a sexless marriage
  • How common are sexless marriages
  • What causes or prompts this situation
  • How can you work on your relationship
  • What should you do before having a committed relationship
  • And much more….

Liam headshotAbout Liam Naden

Liam Naden is a marriage and relationship coach, specializing in helping couples and individuals to save and strengthen their marriage when it gets into trouble. He is the author of more than 25 Kindle books (including 10 bestsellers), which include “The Sexless Marriage Cure” and the #1 best seller “How to Save Your Marriage – When Your Spouse Doesn’t Want To

He is the creator and host of the podcast, “Growing in Love for Life – Save and Strengthen Your Marriage” and also the creator of two marriage-saving programs. Originally from New Zealand, he is now based in Europe and shares his information with couples and individuals from around the world.

Book: The Sexless Marriage Cure

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Twitter Name @liamnaden


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2 Thoughts to “Sexless Marriage and Increasing Intimacy in Marriage with Liam Naden”

  1. Sandy

    I love your message about a sexless marriage. I was with someone for 13 years,but passed away 3 years ago.l have a lot of mixed feelings about a sexless marriage.Our economy we are in most Americans have to work 60 to 70 hours a week,or work two jobs. Who has time for sex! To avoid conflict why not just please yourself.

    1. lovecoach

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts — and totally agree about how busy people are. There is the option to just please ourselves, but for many couples, there is little to no intimacy in their relationship. I’m not just talking about sex – there are many other types of intimacy, and when sex stops, other physical elements often stop too. Its a connection that couple should have and that can really enhance and enrich their relationship — they are part of a healthy and thriving relationship. Couples can obviously chose what they will or will not do – Liam and I were sharing information to help people who either aren’t familiar with sexless marriages or ones who want to change their situation. Just sharing info to start the conversation for people who are willing and ready to have that discussion.

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