Review – Stimulation Gel from System JO

Some women want or need some additional stimulation to be satisfied when they make love. This is something that they can have, very easily and it can greatly increase their sexual satisfaction. Sometimes you just need a bit more – to help you reach a climax.


This clitoral stimulation gel gives you a warm and tingling sensation. Imagine the feeling of your partner’s warm breath on you and combine that with the tingling sensation of peppermint — this is the feeling you get with this gel. Combined with your usual stimulation by yourself or with your partner – you experience a more intense climax.


You may want to experiment with how much of the stimulation gel you personally need. The tube says there is enough in this small tube for up to 50 applications. If you want to get creative — and I always recommend being creative – you could use a bit on your nipples, ear lobes, your perineum, and so many other spots on your body and your partner’s body. I can’t guarantee that you will enjoy testing this stimulation gel on your erogenous zones – but I like so suggest creative ideas. And remember to give back to your partner. Feel free to come back and post ideas about where you would like to try this gel….


Description from System JO website – JO Clitoral Stimulation Gel

JO Clitoral Stimulant Gel is formulated to promote sexual sensitivity in women, resulting in a gratifying orgasmic response. JO Clitoral Stimulant Gel will cause a pleasant and satisfying warm and cooling tingling sensation resulting in increased sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

  • The only Silicone Based Stimulating Gel
  • NO L-Arginine
  • PH Balanced and Hormone Free
  • Safe for use with Condoms
  • Up to 50 Applications per tube

There are a variety of formulas- so there is the right strength for each woman

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