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Its time for celebration and fun. Its a time for rebirth and starting over. Have you started or tried anything new with your partner? Its time for some lovin’ and smooth sensual lovin’ is the best. That’s a reason why I wanted to share my review for Moist Gel. For everyone who wants a smooth, sensual and sexy start to the New Year — its time to show a little self love (masturbate) and to show your partner how much you want to please them. That also means it would be a great time to try Moist Gel – Personal Lubricant.

The regular Moist Lubricant is very good – but some people may have a concern about it being a thin liquid. The gel form is for people who are looking for a thicker lubricant. This is still very easy to use and spreads great on your hands or other body parts but it is a thicker consistency. You could try both – to see which consistency you prefer. It will likely remind you of a hair gel product when you first feel it.

If you haven’t used a lube before or if you’re looking for suggestions, here are some Master Sexpert Tips

Lube is beneficial for many forms of sexual activity – masturbation, vaginal intercourse, anal sex and flavored lubes are great for oral sex – pick your flavor or choice or try different flavors. Some lubes are especially made for use in the tub, shower or hot tub.

  1. You can use a water based lube with silicone toys.
  2. Always use a water based lube inside a woman’s body
  3. Always use a water based lube with condoms – oil and petroleum based lubes should not be used with condoms because it can cause the condom to deteriorate
  4. Warming lubes are great for nipple and breast stimulation and can be used on the genitals – however all lubes will help your hands slide over your partner’s body easier and more sensually
  5. If you prefer more vigorous sex – definitely use lube to cut down on the friction and to let your partner thrust harder and longer. The lube provides the option to have more rigorous sex without the chafing etc that can happen after rough and/or long lovemaking sessions.
  6. Water based lubes are a great choice, they are compatible with all toys and with condoms, it is easy to clean, and it doesn’t stain.
  7. You may want to test several types of lubes on your own to see which type and what feel you like better. Then keep it close to your bed, in your glove compartment or purse — depending on where you plan to have sex :)
  8. Moist Gel is thick enough to be used for anal sex
  9. The tube is easy to open, easy to get the desired amount of lube out and easy to close.

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