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I love music in all aspects of my life and I have some wonderful memories of sex and I remember the music playing in the background – its part of the experience and can definitely set the mood or enhance the mood. Have you ever had music on in the background and you feel more agressive, hornier or very mischievious sexually? There are some songs that just put you in a “juicy state of mind”. If you would like to mention some of your favorite sexual songs – that would be great too.

Now – back to the Freestyle. Let me start by saying that I’ve delayed this review because I need to get my hands on an iPod to test the remainder of the functions. But – I want to share my initial thoughts about this vibrator.

This is a very smooth vibrator – I love the feel of skin on skin and this has that feel. I have a vibrator that is shaped like a penis along with the tip, contour etc – and both have very distinct purposes and benefits, but for a very real skin on skin feel – the Freestyle is your choice.

Now let me tell you that I’m used to reasonably inexpensive toys, so the Freestyle is very fascinating to me. The value and the special elements are very obvious – the outside of the vibrator is very soft and smooth – as I mentioned above. I’m also used to vibrators with a couple of speeds – and just a simple vibration. Well, this sleek toy have 7 – count them – 7 speeds. To make that even more appealing,  some are simple vibration while others pulsate. There are 4 programmed pulses – to add a little variety and spice to your vibe experience. These settings are as follows – I hope my descriptions make sense to you :)

  1. simple vibration
  2. more vibration
  3. high vibration
  4. short pulse – long vibration
  5. a series of consistent short pulses
  6. a series of consistent fast pulses
  7. two short pulses and a long vibration

When I first got the Freestyle – I held it in my hand and played with the controls to feel the different vibrations for a little bit. When I turned it off – my hand tingled and I was thinking about much more intimate parts of my body tingling the way my hand was. It was very enticing.

I have read the information that you can hook an ipod up to this vibe – it will pulse with the music — Imagine listening to a song in a social situation that you used with the vibrator. I don’t have an iPod, but I have a cell phone with a built in MP3 player.  I hooked up the wireless adapter and guess what – it did work. So for the other people that don’t have an iPod, you can use a cell phone or Smartphone with an MP3 player.

It is this easy – plug the adapter into the earphone plug on the phone, turn the dial on the adapter (the dial gives you the freedom to control the power of the vibrations with the music), and turn the dial on the Freestyle to the music setting. Turn on any song and feel the vibrations – I had a little trouble getting everything to work initially, but I think I’ve worked out the kinks.

The various programmed pulses are fun – and the issue I have with the controls is that you cannot easily change the settings. But the music setting sort of overrides that issue – since the pulses changes with the music. I think you will enjoy experience favorite songs in this new and stimulating way.

There is one thing that I would change – only one. I’m not crazy about the vibe controls – to turn the vibe on or to change the setting – there are two small buttons. One to go up and one to go down. It can be a little difficult to adjust the settings with wet hands.

The size is nice – not too slim and not too big. The length is nice – without being too short.  The official size: Measures 8 1/4? long (5 3/4? insertable) and 1 1/8? in diameter.


I remember going to a Elton John concert and the lighting was so well done that I could experience the music in a whole new way — now people can experience any music in a whole new, stimulating way.

I don’t see any reason this great toy can’t be used alone, with a partner or partners – you can each pick your own song selections. Your favorite music may take an interesting turn after you try this.

The Freestyle is slim enough for people who enjoy an anal sex toy – and even people who want a slim probe.  Lots of possibilities for this interesting and unique musical vibe. (Be careful when using this anally – it could easily slip out of your hands or your reach and a trip to the ER would definitely ruin the mood.)

Listening to music while having sex — has been taken to a new and very satisfying and unpredictable level.  I highly recommend this to any sex toy enthusiast and for anyone who wants to integrate music into their masturbation or love making with a partner — I think you will find many ways to enjoy it. And, remember – only 2 hours of charging time for 5 hours of fun.

So – any song requests  or suggestions? For much more information, visit

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