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Crystal Chic WandThe Crystal Chic Wand — initially, I didn’t have a lot of ideas for this sex toy, but that changed. I prefer to use my imagination and not to be swayed by other people, so I only read the cleaning instructions, which I’ll share soon.

What is your first impression of this toy?

Waterproof is good – makes it easier to clean and you never know when you might want to spice up a bath or shower. The finish is very smooth and soft – so it feels great on your skin. Let’s skip bendable for a minute, but trust me – we’ll cum back to it. 3 speeds is nice – you need multiple speeds because you never know what mood you may be in and I like to be able to change the speed or vibration depending on how aroused I am. 6 hours on high speed – nice battery life and if you alter speeds, you can get up to 12 hours of use – but batteries are cheap and it only needs 1 AA. The dimensions are unique – I’m used to toys with a wider diameter – but it sort of resembles a long finger. Hmm, more about that soon too – but I will tell you that got my mind working.

So – let’s break it down —


Smooth, adjustable and bendable, multi speeds, attractive (black is one of my favorite colors), waterproof, only needs 1 battery (so economical). The tip is small, but not too small – more about that in the suggested options below. This toy is very easy to clean thoroughly – simply pull the top and twist to look into place, clean thoroughly, twist again and it closes.


I don’t really like the on/off switch and have had some problems with it.

Be careful when you’re cleaning this — you can pull either end to clean between the beads, but be careful or it can break.

Master Sexpert Tips

Here are some suggested uses I can recommend. I am sure there are many other great uses and I invite you to share your ideas with my blog readers. What have you tried that you enjoyed?

  • This is ideal for anal play – insert a little or the full length, depending on what feels good for you or for your partner.
  • I’ve talked to and been very happy to discover a good number of straight men who are interested in a little anal stimulation. They are fascinated to learn they have a G-Spot and to learn that it can easily be stimulated. (Just ask, I’d be happy to share info about this 🙂 So, a little anal probe can be stimulating for women and men.
  • The wand has a series of balls which all move independently with the vibration and this makes it ideal for stimulating many parts of your body, breasts, anus, clitoris, vagina, etc –
  • If you want to stimulate other areas, I see no reason it couldn’t be used to tickle behind your lover’s ear, their knee, along the spine – you could use it anywhere you would use a finger or two…. You will notice I like to play 🙂
  • This vibrator is small enough that you might want to use it with 1 or 2 others, depending on what you are in the mood for and for various stimulation.
  • This is great for female G-Spot stimulation.

I was hesitant to bend it very far at first, but found out how far it can be bent. You can bend it to shape something that resembles a horseshoe or your finger if its bent. Are you asking why that is useful? Because it can be shaped to hit your G-spot very easily. Come on ladies – how many men can find their woman’s G-spot without a road map?  This wand can help. If you aren’t familiar with how to locate and/or how to stimulate the G-Spot — read this article. Have you ever wanted a very intense and often prolonged orgasm? You have to try this and the crystal chic wand is just the tool to help you find the spot and stimulate it – it will also make it much easier for your lover to find and stimulate your G-Spot.

I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions. How have you used the Crystal Chic Wand or a similar product? I had a good number of male friends send me suggestions – but I’d love to hear some more ideas.

To find out more about this product –

Product Specs

• Waterproof
• Elegant, smooth, satin finish wand adorned with genuine high quality crystals
• Graduated, beaded, bendable shaft
• 3 powerful speeds of vibration throughout
• Runs for 6 hours on high speed, 9 hours on medium speed, and a full 12.5 hours on low speed
• ABS with Velvet-Cote™ (PU Cote)
• Easy cleaning instructions included
• 1 AA battery
• 7”x .75”/18 cm x 2 cm




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