A Recipe for Drama in Your Relationship

Recipe for drama:

1 cup of gossip

1/4 cup of rumors

9 lbs of jealousy

Mix well and cover in lies. Roast for as long as you lack self esteem

I’ve heard that one reason younger men want to date older women is because there is less drama with these women.

That should be an interesting tidbit for younger women. They could ask themselves these questions –

  • Do you create unnecessary drama in your relationships?
  • Do you create drama with friends, family and dates?
  • Do you get jealous with any dates and boyfriends?
  • Are there reasons why you feel jealous of any men?
  • Do you start or believe rumors with no substantiation?
  • Do you listen to gossip and jump to conclusions about boyfriends?

Rumors, jealousy and gossip can kill a great friendship or relationship. Low self eteem and low self confidence can make you more likely to create drama in a relationship. In stead of acting out and causing drama – you should consider going directly to your boyfriend or girlfriend and talk to them about the issue. Never start a conversation by blaming them or being negative and attacking them – instead, be positive and find out if the concern is true. Often gossip and rumors are unfounded and can destroy a relationship for no real reason. So – wouldn’t it be better to give your partner the benefit of the doubt and get their side of the story.

Keep in mind that several things a healthy, loving relationship must have are: love, trust, two people who love and respect themselves and open honest communication. If you have those things in your relationship, you should also be able to head off any destructive rumors, gossip and jealousy before they can create any lasting problems.

What are some situations where your relationship was ruined by rumors, gossip and jealousy?

If you battle these problems and want to improve your relationship – feel free to contact me about how relationship coaching can help you. lovecoachjourney@ gmail.

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