Ready for Love Radio – Keep the Fun and Passion in Your Relationship

How often do we say “life gets in the way”? It is definitely true in all aspects of our lives and especially our relationship with our partner. But we all need to spend quality time with that special person in our life. So, this week, let’s talk about ways to have enjoyable and stimulating time with our partner.

Whether you’re preparing for a relationship or are in a relationship, host Nikki Leigh and guest Paula (editor in chief of the Evolved World website) share tips and suggestions to help you keep the fun, play and toys in your relationship. For additional tips to keep the fun in your relationship, download the Kissing From Head to Toe report. You are invited to join Ready for Love Radio on Facebook.

You can connect with Ready for Love Radio on Facebook –, This is the place for insider information about the show and a great place to share your thoughts and questions. You can also see many articles written by Nikki Leigh about her Love Coaching Journey –


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