Radical Dating the Reality Show

Radical Dating the reality show, creator, director, producer, and 4 of the coaches join me on this podcast of Ready for Love radio. We take you behind the scenes to learn how the show came to be, find out how they chose the clients (contestants), how the picked the coaches, the format, and much more. We will also learn much more about “radical dating”, how it helped the clients/”contestants” – and would you believe, viewers can also benefit from watching the show?

What is Radical Dating?

Radical Dating is a revolutionary approach to dating involving a specific mindset, dating strategies, self discovery, life choices, understanding of relationships.

Airing Thursday January 22, 2017 9 pm ET/6 pm PT

on www.newvisionsradio.com or on the New Visions Radio app

If you miss the show and the reruns listed above, check out the replay, which will be posted below.

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Some of the things we discuss, include:

  • How did the idea for Radical Dating come about?
  • What makes the show’s premise different?
  • Basically why should viewers tune in?
  • What is the role of the coaches?
  • How did you choose the coaches?
  • Can each coach give us a short intro about the focus they bring to the show?
  • What is the goal for the contestants?
  • How can the viewers benefit?

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Radical Dating Reality Show

To learn more about the show, the director, the producer and the coaches, visit the Radical Coaching Reality Show page.  I also added some video clips. http://www.readyforloveradio.com/guests/radical-dating-reality-show/

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