Protecting Your Emotional GSpot with Suzette Hinton

Emotions have been a focus the last few weeks and that will continue on this podcast, but in a different way. Our emotions and how we react to them can make us vulnerable. Just like we are vulnerable when we are making love and when we have an orgasm. Vulnerability with a loving caring partner can be a wonderful and beautiful thing. But, what happens when we are with a partner that doesn’t care about us, doesn’t want the best for us, and who isn’t interested in our well-being? When we are with that sort of person, we are in a unhealthy situation. To avoid that situation or relationship, it is important that we learn to protect our emotional g-spot. We’ll discuss that and much more in this show.

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Some of the things we discuss on this show –

  • Why did you title your book “Protecting Your Emotional G-Spot“?
  • What is your relationships backstory?
  • What was your motivation behind your book?
  • Is it written for a specific type of woman?
  • Why do you think our emotional g-spot needs to be protected?
  • What do we need to protect our emotional g-spot from?
  • How do repressed upbringings play into this topic?

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About Protecting Your Emotional G-Spot

The G-spot has been a hot button topic for centuries. No pun intended. Just say the word, G-spot, and all motion stops as men and women alike hope to gather some new tip or trick that will bring a new vitality to a stalled love life. Considered the most sought-after location of pleasure for men and women alike, the reader becomes the fly on the wall into its boudoir. Though it boasts of positions, passion and mind-numbing climaxes, the private woes and struggles of the G-spot are often overlooked. This book reveals the emotion behind the titillation. It humanizes the G-Spot and the wounding that happens when it is not protected.

About Suzette Hinton

Author Suzette is a North Carolina native who specializes in Sound. Born during a time when the sound of her voice was not regarded, she lost the ability to discern her voice and thereby lost who she was. 2012 was a pivotal moment for her. The untimely death of an adored family member shook away all her excuses for tolerating her life instead of living it.

This was the birthing ground for her first book, The Sound of My Life. It’s her story of losing her voice and finding it again. In it, she gives keys to amplifying your inner expert, your sound and having a fulfilling life. On May 31, 2014, this Sound Ambassador released not one but two more books: The Sound of My Soul, the second in her Sound Series, and Protecting Your Emotional G-Spot. To some, this was quite an ambitious undertaking, but not to Suzette. Pitch-perfect she replied, “When you’re delivering twins, you can’t push out one and ignore the other. My books are no different.”

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