Poem – The Mirror

I spotted this on a Facebook page (Goddess of Sacred Sex) and really liked it. You could also call it – “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander” or “turnabout is fair play” or any of those cliches.

To any man or woman who wants to be free in a relationship – read this. I think its fine as long as both people in the relationship agree. This poem is about a man who wanted to be free – but didn’t want the women he was involved with, to be free.

Feel free to share your thoughts….


He said – I like many women.
I can’t be just with one.
She answered with a smile.
He said – That’s me. I am free and
I don’t owe anything to anybody.
She lit up a cigarette and looked down.
He said – I like women who understand me
and respect my freedom.
And I do not intend to change it.
She smiled and exhaled a plume of smoke.
He said: Let’s have fun, I like you.
She stubbed out her cigarette
and looked him straight in the eye.
He realized she doesn’t mind.
He asked – You must have been with many men?
She hugged him and pulled him closer.
He asked – do you feel good with me?
She closed her eyes and kissed him.
Leaving in the morning he said:
Everything was amazing, just
let’s keep this between us.
She reached out and flicked an invisible
speck of dust from his shoulder.
He said – I’ll call sometimes.
She nodded and closed the door.
He called her by evening of the day.
She wasn’t at home.
He barely managed to contact her late at night
She allowed him to come to her place after a week.
He asked – Well, did you had fun without me?
She smiled and offered him a coffee.
He was calling her almost everyday.
Sometimes she just doesn’t pick up.
He was coming to her only if she allowed.
She didn’t explain why the invitations were so rare.
He realized he wanted to be with her,
fidgeting when she didn’t answer his calls.
He went out of his skin when he knew people
have had seen her with someone. He wanted
everyone to know that they are together.
She disagreed.
He arrived with a huge bouquet of red roses.
She accepted the flowers, but asked him
to never come without invitation.
He wanted to ask her to marry him.
She said – That’s me.
He lit up a cigarette.
His hands were shaking.
She said – I am free.
Suddenly he felt cold.
She said – I don’t owe anything to anybody.
He felt as if his heart is about to stop.
Then she added – and I do not intend to change it!


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