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passion map - find passion and erotic partnerHow many times have you been in the mood for a erotic, passionate encounter, but you didn’t have anyone to call or couldn’t find anyone that fit your desires at a local bar? Maybe you were out of town and didn’t know anyone, so your only option was to try to find a bar – but you didn’t know the local pick up spots?

Have you ever thought that it would be enjoyable to have a map that showed other people in the area who were looking for a hook up? Well – now, you can have that map at your fingertips and it will help you find a passionate partner – no matter where you are. It’s like having your very own personalized passion rolodex anywhere you go.

When you register for an account on PinPointsX, you enter information about yourself and about what kind of person you are looking for – age, gender, location, sexual preference, your choice of activities and much more. When you want to find an erotic, passionate partner, check your map to check your options. This works whether you are on your home turf or are out of town and on the prowl.

PinPointsX takes social media to a very adult and passionate level.  You can use your iPhone, your Android or you can access your personal passion map on your computer. Have full access to bars, clubs, strip clubs, hotels, motels and erotic partners right in the palm of your hand….

I wanted to get the inside track on this exciting new service, so I’d to share an interview.

Mitzi – Rudy, it is very nice to talk with you today. Thank you for taking time out of your super busy schedule to talk with me about your product, PinPointsX. Tell us briefly, what is this product and what does it do?

Rudy –  PinPointsX provides users with a “Passion Map”, a map of their location or any other location,   that displays the erotic scene around the user; people looking for hookups,  swingers, parties,  adult shops, BDSM clubs, bars, motels, and everyone else that is included in the erotic and nightlife scene.  The cool part about it is that everyone on the map can communicate with each other – even the businesses!  Whether you are using a computer or the mobile app – your gateway to passion is right at your fingertips – It is truly a revolutionary idea.

Mitzi – A passion map — I like the sound of that. The first time I saw one of your posts about this product, I thought of a GPS – that would be a Global Passion Search device. But, seriously, how does this work?

Rudy – I love it! Can we trademark that? 🙂 The GPS capability is a cool feature that comes with the mobile app. When you start the application you have the option to use your GPS. The app will automatically present you with a Passion Map of your current location and the action around you.

Mitzi – Glad you like that 🙂 Obviously there will be all kinds of people listed in an area like LA, but I live in a small town in Virginia. There are a couple of college towns within about 30 miles of me. So, since I’m in an area with far fewer people, is there a chance that there would be anyone close by?

Rudy –  Well, I believe that if you live in a very small town then you probably know everyone and what is going on but you’re right, the map is most densely populated with users and business in major urban areas like LA and New York City – although there are exceptions – for example, Long Island was covered with swingers’ parties in the summer.

Mitzi – You are right about small towns. I looked through the sign up page and there are all kinds of options in the “looking for” section – one on one, discreet hookups, group sex, straight, gay, bi, bi-curious and so much more. Does the service really have something for “everyone”?

Rudy – we covered all of the sexual orientation out there, but I’m sure you can always find a new one. We tried to cover as much as possible the major spectrum of sexual preferences, but this is a never-ending list as you know.  That’s why we are providing more tools to our members, such as forums, galleries, and blogs, people that are into “Dogging” can open up their own forum and communicate with each other and invite other curious members to join their sexual scene.

Mitzi – Those features will be great to help people get more information and also to have additional ways to find the best or most appropriate erotic partners. So, tell me, what is some of the feedback that you all are getting on this service?

Rudy – So far everyone just loves it! We had people approaching us at conventions praising the app and giving us tips and ideas for the next versions.  Some of the users find our platform  odd since it is not a “traditional” 90’s look dating site, I believe. We can’t satisfy everyone but we do offer the next innovating progression in the dating world.

Mitzi – I think not looking like a 90’s dating site is a good thing 🙂 As a promoter – it seems to me pinpointsx - find erotic and passionate partnerthat PinPointsX offers great targeted promotion opportunities for businesses of all kinds who want to reach the adult audience. Hmmm, including love coaches and sexperts….  What kind of options do you offer to businesses who would like to promote their services? And, what kind of businesses currently advertise on the site?

Rudy – That’s a good insight Mitzi. The businesses are an important and inseparable part of the platform. Businesses are members and they can do everything a member can do and more.  Businesses can communicate directly with targeted clientele.  Businesses can market themselves on the Passion Map, directly to people in real time (!), or through the forums and galleries. Imagine, for instance, that I’m a bar owner on the upper west side and have a slow Wed night.  I can go on my Passion Map and send a message to other members saying: “Bring five friends tonight and have FREE beer all night!!!” or upload flyers to the gallery. This is what businesses always wanted: direct interaction with potential customers.

Mitzi – That is awesome flexibility for your business members. I’ll have to look at that option more closely. Okay, let’s get to the nitty gritty – how does a person get onto the site and how do they get started?

Rudy – We are constantly improving the user experience; we started with six stages of registration process and in the new version, Oct 25th, we will have only two stages. So all you need to do is click on the Join Now button, fill out the form, select a package and voilà – you are in the Passion Map! You can choose to stay only with the website or you can download the app as well and enjoy the full experience.

Mitzi – Are there additions coming – that you’d like to share with us?

Rudy –  I wonder if you can keep a secret…

Mitzi — Of course…. who would I tell 🙂

Rudy – On the short term, I mean next week, we are adding a points system. So like with Foursquare, you will collect points for things that you do on the platform and each month we are going to have prizes for the high scorers. Scorers of points I mean 🙂 We are also developing an app for our BlackBerry users!

As for the long term, we are creating sub communities so people with similar sexual preferences will be able to find each other easily.  On January 2011, we are going international, which is very exciting. This means you can have an easy unplanned fling in Paris (not Texas), a passionate night in Milano, or get into an underground BDSM party in Berlin!

Mitzi – It sounds like you all have covered the options for now, have great plans for the future, a great expansion plan and its great when a business is in tune with their users to find ways to serve them better. It will be very interesting to see how the service expands and grows. Thank you very much for taking your time to share this information with us. Did I forget to ask anything? If so – feel free to share anything else we need to know.

RudyPinPointsX is an advanced concept and the next step in the dating social network industry. It is important for us that people will bring other members to join as well – we want to enlarge our community. Bigger is better, right? 🙂 Thank you Mitzi it was a pleasure chatting with you.

Mitzi – Thank you Rudy, it was great to get the additional details from you. Best of luck with your endeavors.

Information From The PinPointsX Website

Who We Are

PinpointsX® Ltd. is an innovative software company, that focuses on providing adults and adult establishments with advanced technologies and services for matchmaking and dating.

PinPointsX® is a patent pending cellular (mobile) application and a correlative adult-social-networking website, enabling its members to ‘locate & interact’ with erotic partners and facilitators in their immediate, changing and real-time location.

It provides the members with direct access to all imaginable erotic resources near them, and thus with a complete integrative, personalized and interactive “Passion Map” of their current location.

PinPointsX®’s personal interactive “Passion Map” allows the user to filter, prioritize, schedule and directly interact with those sensual resources, leading towards the ultimate fantasy and potential hook-up.

What Do We Provide

PinPointsX® Ltd‘s unique business-model and technology extends and out-reaches all members of the romantic, sensual or erotic scene.

PinPointsX® was conceptualized in order to overcome the challenges of having a fling:

  • Opportunity – finding a person or a party that is looking for sensual experience and are available for a fling
  • Compatibility – having the relevant people who match a user’s preferences and whose desires are compatible with the user’s
  • Facilitation – finding the right place to meet and interact

Using location aware, mobile, and innovative propriety technologies, we overcome these challenges.

So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time for you to access your personal passion map?

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  1. Jake

    I thought PinpointsX was like adult friend finder but i didnt know it had an app and a map where you can see other people on. So if I’m at a bar and I see a profile of a hot girl a block away, I can easily chat and meet up with her? Damn I’m signing up!

    1. Hi Jake

      Glad I could shed some light on that for you. Its a very interesting service and it seems having the app on your phone would be convenient.


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