Our Changing Sex Lives – 20s

Whether you have your first sexual experiences in your teens or 20s, its likely that many people will experiment in their 20s. Maybe its because most people move out of their parents house in their 20s. Many other people are in college in their 20s and that can be a great time to experiment and test the limits of your sexuality. Even for the young men and women who had parents who let them do what they wanted in their teens, there is still something stimulating and liberating about being in your 20s – being an adult.

Our perspective and attitude about sex will likely change depending on our personal situation and our age. Some activities are more common in our 20s, 30s or 40s.

What are some of the things you tried in your late teens or your 20s? Here are a few examples:

Thinking About Sex A Lot – For men, it seems that most men think about sex a lot. That can be triggered by seeing a hot woman, hearing a sexy voice, watching porn, seeing a centerfold, or even a stiff breeze. But seriously, most men do think of sex on a very regular basis and especially in their 20s. I think if many women are honest, they think of sex a lot too – maybe not as often as men, but its still something women definitely think about.

BiCurious and Same Sex Experimentation – When you’re young it can be a good time to experiment with the opposite sex and sometimes with the same gender. I’ve heard all kinds of stories about people experimenting in college or at parties when they are young. Even if you know that you’re straight, you may just be curious. What would it be like to kiss and maybe make out with another woman? What would it be like to kiss another guy? Your 20s, may be the time you decide to see what its like. Another time can be after being in a marriage for years and then wondering what you missed by being straight.

NSA and Friends with Benefits – Your 20s can also be a great time for no strings attached sex and friends with benefits. You may feel you’re too young to be married or you just aren’t ready to be married, but you still want to have sex – and these are two option that men and women chose, while they are looking for that special someone or while they want to stay single.

Various Sexual Positions – Your 20s can also be a great time to try a wide variety of sexual positions. You are young, full of energy and likely more limber and flexible than you will be in the 30s, 40s and beyond. This could be a great time to try different types of sex and different positions. See what appeals to you and what you like with a partner. Your preferences could change as you get older and with different partners, but that’s all right. You keep things interesting and you can keep discovering new things that you enjoy.

Threesomes and Moresomes – Most men and many women have thought about or fantasized about being in a threesome or other group sex. You may feel your 20s are a great time to experiment with sex with multiple partners. A threesome or other group sex can be more enjoyable and less emotional when you aren’t in a relationship – so your 20s could be a great time to try sex with a man and a woman, two men or two women. This is an article I wrote for couples considering a threesome and this is an article I wrote for an individual considering a threesome with a couple.  Both include important things you should consider before having a threesome.

Sex with An Older Partner – For people in their 20s with limited sexual experiences or who are very curious, they may want to have sex with an older man or woman. An older partner will likely have more experience and can teach you new things. So, this could be a great time to hook up with an older man or woman. With the current mentality, it is becoming more acceptable for a younger man and an older woman to get together, so this can be a likely option for men or women.

These are just some of the activities and attitudes that can be normal for people having sex in their 20. What other things would you include?

There are many things to consider when you have sex for the first time and when you’re having sex at a young age. That is content for another article, but if you would like to talk about concerns or question, feel free to click the “contact me” button on the left side of the page or email me at lovecoachjourney@gmail.com

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