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When I do interviews – one of the most popular topics is oral sex, for men and women. The funniest interview was with a man (I’ll keep his name to myself) who said he simply refuses to give his wife oral sex. However, he expect her to give him oral sex. Earlier that week, a friend sent me the link to a video about men who expect oral sex and prefer their woman swallow but they refuse to kiss her after. That is a whole other topic — but that was fresh on my mind when this host told me that. So, I gave him a very hard time about his behavior and his refusal to please his wife orally. She was in the background and it seemed that she appreciated me taking up for her 🙂

Do you want to understand more about oral sex? Do you want to learn how to give mind blowing oral sex? Does your partner want more oral sex, but you’re not confident about your skills? Then you need this study at home course from Loveology University. You will not believe the details that are included.   The course covers male and female oral sex details, some history of oral sex, and much more.


These are some of the topics in the Oral Sex Course –

  • Webster’s Definition of Oral Sex, Cunnilingus & Fellatio
  • What Oral Sex Is  & What Oral Sex Is Not
  • Slang Words – Cunnilingus, Vagina, Fellatio & Penis
  • Oral Sex Myths
  • Oral Sex and Women  & Oral Sex and Men
  • Getting Your Lover to Go Down
  • How to Put a Condom on With Your Mouth
  • Techniques for His Pleasure  & Techniques for Her Pleasure
  • Tongue Workout
  • Oral Sex Positions  – Male with Female, Female with Female & Male with Male
  • Sexy Oral Games
  • Common Oral Sex Mistakes
  • Oral Sex and Your Health
  • Safer Oral Sex  & Oral Sex Concerns

There is information about to clear up common myths and misconceptions about oral sex. Much detail is included about the various body parts in the genital area – their name, their location and their functions.  And of course there are plenty of tips, techniques and much more – including intructions on how to put a condom on with the mouth.

This is the official listing for the course –

This Course Is For You If:

  • You want to Learn Dozens of New Oral Sex Techniques
  • You want to Avoid Common Oral Sex Mistakes
  • You want to Know How to Get Your Lover to Go Down on You
  • You want to Discover Advanced Oral Sex Positions

Welcome to Loveology University’s Oral Sex Certification Course. Inside you will learn all the techniques on the art of going down on a man and a woman. This course is sure to expand your knowledge on how, where, when and why to give or receive oral sex. Included are tips on staying safe while having fun such as putting a condom on with your mouth. There are dozens of different styles of doing the act itself, unique positions to enhance oral pleasure, even oral sex games to make your lovemaking an unforgettable experience so you both can enjoy all that you have learned from this mouth watering course!

For full details –


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