Nina Massara Denmark to the Delta

On this Ready for Love Radio show, I will introduce you to Nina Massara – a blues artist from Denmark. We’ll hear two of her favorite songs from her debut album and we’ll have a discussion about her music, her background and much more. I’ll share some of the specific things we’ll talk about below.

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Some of my questions for Nina – 

  • How did you get interested in music?
  • Tell us about working at the Mojo Blues Bar in Copenhagen.
  • Tell us the perspective of sex in Denmark and especially compared to the US.
  • What are some of the “cultural shocks” you’ve had moving to the US?
  • Tell us about signing with CSP Records and Jimmy Rogers.
  • How has your confidence grown?
  • What sort of struggles have you had and how have you grown?
  • Has your real life crept into your songs?
  • Tell us about your upcoming trip to Denmark.

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About Nina Massara 

Watch Me by Nina MassaraGrowing up in Denmark, a young Nina Massara was surrounded by blues music in her parents Mexican restaurant, so it seemed natural that she would love the blues. At 15, she started working in the studio with the award-winning Danish producer Morten Wittrock. Whether it was making coffee, editing tracks or anything else that was needed, she was beginning her music career. At 18, she started working in the legendary Mojo Blues Bar in Copenhagen – DJing, bartending and much more and she learned even more that would serve her well in the very near future.

Nina worked with songwriter and producer Morten Wittrock in Denmark and at Austin’s famous 5th Street Studio with former members of the Band of Heathers on her debut album Watch Me. Her Danish/American heritage brings an interesting mix to her music, her distinctive vocals and her personal style – all combine with a solid collection of original songs written for this album by Morten Wittrock and Ray Weaver.

Her heritage is also clear in that New Orleans sass and the Scandinavian strength that brings a mysterious and magical mojo to her performance on every song. Her voice gives us a listening experience and her deep passion and commitment shines through along with her musical roots and her desire to give us something new – something completely… Nina.




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