The New Love Triangle by Allen Vaysberg

The New Love Triangle – that book title conjures up a variety of mental images and questions. So, I had to invite the author onto the show. It was that simple. Tonight, I interview Allen Vaysberg and we’ll discuss his book and his work. The topics and questions we’ll talk about are listed below.

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Questions we discuss in the show –

  • Why this title for your book since it could be taken in a variety of ways?
  • What constitutes The New Love Triangle?
  • Who is this book trying to help?
  • Why did you write it?
  • What are your keys to a successful marriage?
  • What qualifies you to write this book?
  • Are there any statistics to back up your suggestions?
  • Who do you typically work with?
  • What are the 3 facets of Love you refer to?
  • What are some of the practical suggestions you give for each one?
  • What is the SEAMLESS method and how is it related to this book?
  • What is Life Recalibration?

Love Accept & Respect Yourself –

About Allen Vaysberg – 

Allen Vaysberg’s mission is to empower the growth of the modern individual. He does so by providing practical tools and inspiration enabling them to become well-rounded people who understand their purpose, live their essence and continue to expand all areas of their life in a harmonious way.

Allen is a Life Recalibration Expert and creator of the SEAMLESS method who facilitates people’s transition from unfulfilled and stressed to doing what they love and being at peace. He speaks on life purpose, career change, health and wellness, love and the recalibration process and runs online programs helping people re-calibrate their lives.

The New Love Triangle: Your Practical Guide to a Love-Filled Life! (Recalibrate Your Life)

The New Love Triangle is a life changer! Short enough to be read in one sitting this book is a powerhouse for facilitating lifelong transformation. Bestselling author Allen Vaysberg is authentic and funny while masterfully weaving in concepts with practical application making it easy to add love to every part of life. You’ll come away with a new perspective and simple action steps for loving yourself, others, and your day!

From the Back Cover

“This book is a must read for anyone seeking inner peace and joy in all aspects of life. Allen writes in a thoughtful, compelling and accessible way which enables the reader to adopt transformation into their life immediately. I truly believe this message and The New Love Triangle – insert subtitle – should be shared with all loved ones. The book talks about the journey a person goes through when discovering how to bring love to all facets of life and gives you practical tools to make your journey seamless. Taking it a step further his programs offer support and community for anyone looking to complete their love triangle as they Recalibrate their Life.” 

– Amanda Hinman, Family Health Expert, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Speaker & Author, Co-Founder of Hinman Holistic Health Institute, Ltd.

“The real power in life is not what happens to us, but rather, how we respond to the circumstances we face . . . a choice of love or fear. Allen Vaysberg’s SEAMLESS process helps us to appreciate what on a core level we already know – Love is the great healer. I highly recommend Allen as a Life Recalibration Expert in guiding us all to achieve a life that we love to live!” 

~Dr. Darren R. Weissman, Best Selling Author of The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude

“Who doesn’t want more love in their life? Allen’s book gives the tools on how to do it!”
-Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D., Psychologist & Bestselling Author of Better Than Perfect: 7 Steps to Crush your Inner Critic and Create a Life You Love

“Down to earth and insightful, Allen shares his knowledge of enhancing self-love and the ability to project that love to other people. With personal stories of growth, activities for the reader to engage in and all around good advice, anyone can gain skills to increase the love in their life.” 
– Kathy Gruver, PhD, Award-winning author, speaker and educator.

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