Natural Ways to Manage Pain and Love Life

Ho w many people do you know that have a number of pains and discomforts in their life? It may be back pain, sore throat, migraines, headaches, shoulder pain, knee pain, and the list goes on and on. People can find it difficult to love life or even be happy much of the time, when they have to deal with ongoing or extreme pain.

I’m not a fan of popping pills – over the counter or prescription medicines – for all our pains and problems. So I’ve very happy to be able to say there are other ways of relieving pain and stress without medication or drugs.  There are even methods that not only relieve the pain, but increase our energy level and quality of life.  One of the downsides of taking drugs to manage pain is that they tend to take away our mental clarity.  But, being in pain distracts us from being able to focus on what we’re doing.

When we’re interested in managing pain and stress without medication, it is best to tell our doctor or attending physician first.  They will likely know appropriate methods that are best fit for the patient’s condition. But keep in mind you may get some resistance from your health care provider if you want to use a more natural approach.

Natural Health Care Alternatives

There are different methods of pain management without taking any drugs or pain relievers.  Hypnosis is one method that is taught to help patients control their pain.  You may be wondering how it work.

When a patient experiences pain, electrical signals are sent to the brain.  What they do is they stop the signal to stop the pain.  An example is to imagine or pretend to eat a lemon.  Most people feel the tart, tangy taste and sometimes feel pain in the jaw while eating the lemon.  That is because the memory or thought of the lemon to the subconscious mind is real, so the mind responds as it would if you were actually eating a lemon.  It creates, the same biochemical, physiological response as if you were actually eating a lemon.  So, a person can change their thoughts in order to change the response.

Another example of natural healing is reflexology.  This is the practice of massaging, squeezing  or pushing on parts of the feet, hands and even the head to produce a beneficial effect on different parts of the body or relieve pain.  There are points on the foot and hand that correspond to areas of the body.  If you have never tried this, you should. I’ve had awesome results to headaches with reflexology and would like to learn more. If you enjoy a regular foot massage, you should definitely try this – it is very different, in a good way.

It is important to use caution. Some patients delay seeking conventional help because reflexology has helped them deal with the pain. There are concerns from health care professionals that sometimes potentially serious illnesses were not treated right away.  For pains that are not usually encountered or unusual, it is very important to consult a doctor to diagnose the source or reason of the pain.

This is why I mentioned headaches. I have quite a few headaches and although I have spoken to my health care provider and I have 2 prescriptions for them – I like to try to alleviate or lessen the pain through natural methods first.

Acupuncture, which is an ancient practice, can also provide pain relief for many patients.  Fine needles are inserted into the skin at strategic points on the body to relieve pain and treat disease.  This method has been developed by the Chinese in accordance with the theory that energy flows through channels between the surface of the body and internal organs.

According to the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, there is evidence that acupuncture stimulates the points that release electromagnetic signals.  These signals send the flow of healing or pain-killing chemicals to injured areas.  Acupuncture may increase the flow of these natural pain killers.  That is why patients feel relieved from pain. Some even say they have a greater sense of well-being, both physically and emotionally.

More and more people are showing interest in unconventional medical approaches to cure pain and also other health problems.  According to the survey by the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 38 percent of adults use alternative medicine.   More children are taking alternative medication for back pain, cold, anxiety, stress and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Pain can be managed and addressed through different methods.  It is just a matter of choosing the way that is best suited to your needs.  Loving life in the midst of pain can be a reality – and often without medications.

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