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Music and relationships — we’re all familiar with couples who talk about “our song” and we know there are certain staples that everyone seems to use at their wedding reception. But is there a deeper correlation between music and our relationships – personal, business & intimate?

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My guest is an expert on music from concept to songwriting, to production and performance and I’m a Certified Relationship Coach – and we’re going to discuss these topics and much more:

  • How can you bring music into a relationship
  • Did a partner get you interested in a new type of music or group
  • Does a person’s musical choices influence what you think of them
  • Mix tapes and the 21st century equivalent
  • Relationship songs
  • How does music connect us
  • How does music help to create human intimacy
  • Why do some songs resonate with people more than others
  • Music and our emotions, mood and moments
  • What is it about music that stimulates us

On this podcast my special guest has been in the music business for decades. He is also the host of The Ray Powers Hour which airs just before me on New Visions Radio. That’s right – his name is Ray Powers and you can find out more about him in the bio below.

About Ray Powers – 

2014 was a landmark year for three-time Billboard™ Songwriting Award winner and six-time 2015 Nashville Universe Award nominee RAY POWERS. His two most recent singles, ‘It’s You’ and ‘One Kiss’ both reached #1 on the VRadio Nashville charts in March and July of 2014, respectively – and the independent label Mad Hands Records releases were soon distributed worldwide to over 120 countries by way of more than two dozen major distributors including Sony Music Unlimited.

As a bassist, Powers has backed such legends as Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members, The Drifters; along with million-selling stars Lou Christie, Tavares, The Skyliners and many more. As a solo artist, Ray has capitalized on his recent success and is currently supporting the still-charting ‘One Kiss’ on his ‘Serious About Fun’ tour.

In 2015, Powers launched his top-rated music-based talk show: the RAY POWERS HOUR and found immediate success. The #1 internet-based show airs on Thursday nights 8-9pm EDT.

Listen to The Ray Powers Hour Live Thursdays at 8 pm ET/5pm PT at 


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