Most Romantic Movies

This is an awesome compilation and I have to share it with you.DiscDish put together an awesome list of the most romantic movies in 14 categories – which ones do you think they missed??

Valentine’s Day is Feb. 14, and when the Disc Dish editors got together to decide how we should celebrate, we thought why should the romance be just one day? Why not 14 ? And who says love stories should get all the glory? Love can be found in every movie genre.

No matter whether you’re a fan of horror, thriller, action, comedy, classic or adventure, we’ve got a category for you.

So, starting tomorrow, check this page each day until Feb. 14 for the best in romance in all genres.

Every day, we’ll reveal a new genre and list its best romance movies, chosen by the Disc Dish experts. Come Valentine’s Day, you’ll have plenty of ideas for dinner and a movie, or at least a movie.

Now, check out our list of Most Romantic…

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