Masturbation and Women

There seems to be a pretty even split between the people who think masturbation is “acceptable” and people who don’t. It seems that family, religion and society have far too much to say about whether a person should show that intimate love for themselves.

Some people feel that masturbation causes all sorts of problems – mentally, emotionally and physically. Do you think that’s true?

There are many reasons why people may choose to masturbate – whether they are in a relationship or are single. How many of us have times where you just want to feel that rush of adrenalin, the building and spreading stimulation as you feel the excitement spreading throughout your body – starting between your legs or maybe around your anus and building more and more as your hands or fingers move to the places on your body that make you feel so good. You feel your pulse or heart beat increase, maybe your temperature begins to rise… it may be one of those times when you’re in a warm bath – the water gushing into the bed or maybe the water is rushing over your body in the shower – and your hands working your body into a familiar frenzy. Closing your eyes, you think of your lovers mouth on your body, their hands kneading your wet backside, and they move to cup your breasts in their hand….

Do you like to fantasize while you masturbate? Does that make you a bad person? Or do you find that it makes you feel closer to your partner even when they aren’t with you? There are so many ways to look at the time you spend by yourself sexually.

Let’s take a look at an article I read about how many women masturbate. I would love to hear what you think. Do their numbers sound right to you?

92% Of Women Masturbate: How Often Do They Do It

A new study reveals 92% of women regularly take time out to masturbate, a huge jump from the findings of previous studies (74% in 1979 and 62% in 1953).

The Gossard Big M Survey interviewed 1,000 women, ages 18-30, and their answers indicate that not only do 9 out of 10 women play with themselves, two-thirds do it three times a week. The study refers to these as “sessions,” which we can assume doesn’t refer to the number of orgasms achieved, but rather, the time spent achieving them. ‘Cause you know that if you have one, you stick around for more. Orgasms from masturbating are like Payless shoes: Once you get the first pair, you get the second for next to nothing.

Going just from the published findings of this survey, it’s impossible to determine, on average, what percentage of the week is spent flying solo. So maybe we can make this a group effort? I’ll start off:

– I masturbate, on average, 5 days a week.
– Each “session” lasts for about 12 minutes, with a minimum of 3 orgasms a session, and a max of 13. (I don’t know if these means I’m really good at it, or really bad.)
– I sleep, on average, about 6 hours a night, so I’m deducting that from my “week.”

– I work from home, so I have more opportunities to masturbate on a whim than most women.
– I use a Hitachi Magic Wand, which is indeed magical, so the act is easier. However, I also make up for time saved by being greedy with as many orgasms as possible.

So, if my math is correct, then:
7,080 minutes of my week, I am awake.
60 minutes are spent masturbating.

Which means:
.84% of my week is spent masturbating.

But also, of the days I masturbate:
1,080 minutes of my day are spent awake.
12 minutes are spent masturbating.

Which means:
1.1% of my day is spent masturbating.

Feel free to leave your results in the comments.

92% Of Women Like To Go Solo [The Sun]

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