Male Sexuality

Men often seem very confident about their sexuality and sometimes to the point of being cocky. But, deep down it is possible they don’t really understand their sexuality any more than women do. For details about the Mystique of Female Sexuality, visit

Let’s discuss five keys to male sexuality. They are:

  • Accept your sexuality.
  • Be Aware of what arouses you.
  • Be Knowledgeable about your body and its biological changes.
  • Give Yourself Permission to surrender to pleasure.
  • Take Responsibility for your orgasm.

For people who read the female sexuality, you will notice they look very familiar. In fact, these are the same elements of female sexuality — so men and women need to understand the same things about themselves.

Men – do you accept your sexuality? It seems this may be easier for men, since they don’t have the same society, family and religious pressures that women face. But, it can still be tough for men, and especially young men to accept their sexuality.

Next, be aware of what arouses you. Obviously a hot person – will arouse you. You can be aroused in person, in a picture, their voice or a movie etc. But, what is it about the person? Does it go beyond a big chest or a cute backside? Is it the same thing with every person? Understanding what arouses you can help you to make a more educated evaluation when you want to have a serious or potentially serious relationship.

This may sound silly, but it is more complicated than you may think. Third is to understand your body and the changes your body goes through biologically. You are more than your penis – and that includes the size. Many men focus on their size and there is much more to a man. The average size of an flaccid penis is 3 ¾” and the average size of an erect penis is 6 ½”. For more details, please check out this article – But, you also need to understand the changes your body goes through and this includes various health concerns at different ages. This includes having the correct screenings and examinations as needed. It also includes understanding the various parts of your body – including the genitalia. If you would like some additional detail, visit

Next is something that many people find difficult. Give yourself permission to surrender to pleasure. This can be more than just having an orgasm. Really get involved in what’s happening to you, to your body, to your partner and really enjoy it. Have you heard of “riding the wave of passion”? That could be an example.  Just let yourself go completely – don’t be self conscious about the expression on your face, your size, whether you think you came too soon, or any of those other things you may worry about. Are you willing to surrender and let your partner take control?

Finally, take responsibility for your own orgasm. This is something men and women both need to do. Don’t expect your partner to “give” you an orgasm. We all want our partner to share and contribute to our orgasms and we encourage that, but we should never leave our pleasure up to another person.

We can show our partner what we like, we can tell them what we like or we can encourage them when they do the things we like – but we can only do that, if we understand our bodies and what arouses us. So, in the space of a few paragraphs we have come full circle on ways to be more in touch your sexuality.

There are some common ideas about male sexuality and you are invited to share your thoughts in this informal and anonymous poll –

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