Male Sexual Fantasies

We should start with the fact that most men are turned on by what they see. On the other hand, women usually are aroused and stimulated by what they hear and feel and men want to see images and women that turn them on. However, I’m not saying that a gorgeous guy doesn’t turn on a woman 🙂 But I digress, let’s get back to the topic and dig deeper into the things that turn men on and details about their fantasies.

Researchers Bruce J Ellis and Donald Symons found that men are twice as likely to have sexual fantasies and to become sexual aroused by them, then women. The men in the study also have more fantasies with a large number of different partners – women normally fantasize about less different men. Men are estimated to have about 1,000 “objects of desire” in their lives. I’d be very interested to hear what men think about these results.

Most men – 88% – report switching partner during an individual fantasy

About half of the women – 57% – report switching partners in a single fantasy.

Both men and women include the faces of their partners in fantasies. Men typically want to see how the person looks, while women often want to see their appearance, but more importantly, how they are reacting through facial expressions.

These are some specific details about the sexual fantasies of many men – how do your fantasies compare?

  • Men want more sexually explicit content
  • Men want plenty of visual content to arouse them
  • Men want to include things and people who are physically arousing
  • Men will likely include physical details about appearance
  • Male fantasies are about their “objects of desire”
  • Men are likely to include specific sexual acts
  • Men usually include a variety of multiple partners
  • These multiple partners are often strangers or anonymous

Whether you’re the man or the person who loves the man – you should decide if you are willing to share his fantasies? Can you learn more about his fantasies, and share yours?

If you choose to share details about your fantasies – it is very important that you never make fun of each other’s fantasies. It’s also important to remember that these are likely to be things your partner will never do in real life – but it can be a great way to expand your love life. Be open and share your fantasies with each other in a positive way – and you could open up new possibilities in your relationship.

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