Male Intimacy and Emotional Development with Dr Kat Smith

Male intimacy can be a complicated topic. Sex and intimacy are two topics that are misunderstood and can be confused by people. Those are reasons why I like to discuss them on the show. This week, Dr Kat Smith is my guest and we’ll talk about male intimacy, the difference between sex and intimacy, emotional development, the importance of sharing your desires with your partner and much more on Ready for Love Radio on Read on for more details.

Show premiers Thursday December 14, 2017 6 pm PT/9 pm ET

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Some topics we discuss –

  • If you miss the show or replays, the show will be archived below.
  • What is an Intimalogist?
  • What is a difference between sex and intimacy?
  • What inspired you to write ABCs of Intimacy?
  • What are the differences in how men and women express love and intimacy?
  • Does lack of emotional development lead to lack of empathy?
  • What are some ways men can address their emotional underdevelopment?
  • What is a Love Perspective?
  • What are your 4 basic needs of a man in helping women understand how men process intimacy?

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Intimacy After Trauma | Kat Smith | TEDxMountainViewCollege –

About Dr Kat Smith –

As a doctor of human sexuality, or an Intimalogist™, as she likes to call herself, DR. KAT SMITH is on a mission to help women access the Power of the P. What does the P stand for? Pleasure. Persuasion. Passion. The list goes on… For years, she has been telling clients and audience members alike that men and women view sex differently.

For men, intimacy is sex. For women, sex is just the tip of the iceberg. Women crave real intimacy that goes beyond the bedroom. Real intimacy is they connect with their men on a deeper level, and if a relationship lacks this crucial element, that relationship is in trouble. It is on women to TEACH their partners how they want to be loved, to instruct men on how to provide the connection they desire and deserve. Women must use their Power of the P to make and maintain the relationship they’ve always wanted, and Dr. Kat can teach them how.

Described as an honest, bold and innovative thinker who provides unique perspectives for the intimate concerns of our time, Dr. Kat is a rare individual who views the struggles of relationships and offers solutions. Her goal is to help couples re-educate one another on the difference between sex and intimacy so that they can equally enjoy their relationship. Her expertise has been featured on GMA, Huff Post Live, Fox4, and CW33, and she has spoken across the country, changing relationships for the better, for more than two decades.

Dr Kat’s Intimacy Wheel

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