Love Yourself Topics

Twelve Stepping Stones to Learning to Love Yourself

Lesson I: What Does it Mean to Love Myself?

Lesson II: Envisioning Possibilities and Being Ready for Love

Lesson III: Understanding Your Style of Relating to the World, Beginning to Connect with Your Feelings, and Beating Your Inner Critic

Lesson IV:  Coping with Anger, Resentment and Guilt and Achieving Forgiveness

Lesson V: Dig Deep & Be Brutally Honest With Yourself

Lesson VI: Repairing Issues from Your Childhood

Lesson VII: Loving Your Body, Including the Flaws

Lesson VIII: Face Inner Obstacles to Relationships

Lesson IX: Face Outer Obstacles to a Relationship

Lesson X: Are You Ready to Love Someone?

Lesson XI: Maintaining Love for Yourself During the Seasons of Life

Lesson XII: Creating a Plan to Pull it Together and Move Forward

(These topics could still be changed in some ways. But this will give you an overview of the sort of topics we will cover in the Learn to Love, Accept and Respect Yourself Program.)

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