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Learning to Love, Accept and Respect Yourself

Many people find it hard or impossible to know how to have a healthy love for themselves. Let’s be serious – it is very difficult to find a lasting loving relationship with another person when you don’t love and respect yourself.

How often do you meet people who clearly don’t have a healthy self-love, self-esteem or self-respect? We see people in our lives and on TV and in the tabloids who don’t respect themselves – and it is very clear by their self-defeating behavior.

 Are You Ready to Unlock Your Potential?

How can you be happy in your life and work through the problems and difficulties life throws at us? Are you a person…

    • Who is happy with yourself?
    • Who can accept your flaws?
    • Who can look in the mirror and love and accept your body – as it is?
    • Who can accept your past and move forward?
    • Who can face inner and outer obstacles and still move forward?
    • Who can maintain self-love through the ages and changes in your life?

The 12 Stepping Stones to Learn to Love, Accept and Respect Yourself was developed to help you answer YES to those questions and many more.

Who can benefit from the Learn to Love, Accept and Respect Yourself program?

  • Do you struggle with self-doubt, or are you hard on yourself?
  • Do you take care of everyone else’s needs besides your own?
  • Do you have difficulty finding and maintaining a healthy, loving relationship?
  • Do you want to be able to love others more freely?
  • Do you find it difficult to stand up for yourself or express your needs?
  • Do you battle anxiety, anger, sadness, or guilt?
  • Is pain from your past holding you back?
  • Do you hate your body?
  • Would you like to find a happy, mutually respectful intimate relationship or improve your present relationship?
  • Do you find you aren’t living the life you want?


The New Home Study Course

You can study this 12 lesson program at your own pace and in the privacy of your home.  Throughout the course we recommend that you be very open and honest. You can work at your pace and in your home, which gives you the chance to be totally honest with yourself while working through difficult things from your past and in your life.

A Life Transforming 12 PartProgram

Each week we will tackle a new potential issue that can hold you back from a healthy and positive self-love.  The 12 parts can be divided into 5 phases. These are some benefits of each phase –

Stage 1: Understand Real Self-Love & Envision the Possibilities Ahead

— Understand what it means to genuinely love yourself.
— Learn how to find the support you need.
— Create a clear vision of what you’d like to become.
— Begin to overcome negative, self-critical thoughts.

Stage 2: Understand and Accept Yourself, Grow and Heal

— Get to know your temperament and emotional style.
— Understand your emotions more fully.
— Continue to overcome negative, self-critical thoughts.
— Learn to stand up for yourself and express your needs.
— Begin to overcome anxiety, anger and guilt.
— Heal pain from your past.
— Begin to love your body, including the flaws.

Stage 3: Be Ready for a Healthy, Loving Relationship

— Overcome obstacles between you and the relationship you want
— Figure out why you haven’t found the love you’re looking for
— Appreciate the qualities you bring into a relationship
— Learn to love yourself in a relationship
— Be ready for the love you want and deserve

Stage 4: Maintain Love for Yourself Through the Seasons of Life

— Explore the major seasons of a person’s life and how they affect us
— Embrace the changes that come with each stage of life.
— Discover ways in which you’re stuck due to unresolved challenges in the life stages you’ve experienced so far
— Begin to resolve these problems so you can move forward, into the future, without fear
— Love and nurture yourself in each of these stages

Stage 5: Implement a Plan for a Magnificent Life

— Cultivate both unconditional self-love and the discipline you need to achieve your goals
— Carry out the 3 crucial steps to lasting change
— Establish a plan for a life based on genuine love for yourself
— Put this plan into action.

Throughout the 12 weeks, we take you by the hand and lead you through the journey of self-discovery and self-awakening.

Nikki Leigh is a Certified Love and Relationship Coach (Certified Through Loveology University and Dr Ava Cadell). Through the pages of this program, she takes you through the steps she uses with clients who want to discover what is holding them back from being able to feel good about themselves and finding and keeping a lasting love.

You will find many questions to help you dig to find out what is holding you back. She shares a variety of exercises that help you work through many types of problems. For example: learn to look at the negatives in your life from a more positive viewpoint and start to discover the patterns in your life that lead you to make decisions that sabotage your future happiness. These are just two of the tools you will find in this program.

A new lesson is sent to your each part, and you can work through the program at your own pace. Along with the content filled PDF you receive over each part, you will receive links to relevant videos, e-books or e-reports, audios or other relevant items to help you on your journey to self-discovery and self-love.

  • Are you tired of wondering why you can’t find happiness?
  • Do you want to find why a positive and lasting love seems to elude you?
  • Do you want to discover how to feel good about yourself?
  • Is it your turn to be happy?

 It is time for you to love yourself in a positive and healthy way.

This program is designed for people who are willing to put the effort into discovering what is keeping them from having the healthy, happy and loving life they want, need and deserve.

A Few Words From Nikki Leigh, Certified Love Coach

About seven years ago I started studying to be a Love Coach. I soon discovered that not only was I learning, but I started to feel different about myself – to feel happier. So, I had to press on and complete the training for myself, but also because of the information I could share with other people. I could help unhappy people, find what was holding them back and keeping them from being happy. I envisioned this program and the goal a couple of years ago and am thrilled to be able to offer the positive message and life changing content to people everywhere.”

Let’s See What Others Are Saying:

Authors suffer from writers’ block and many can’t muster the wherewithal to be proud of their own talent, their own work. And their careers suffer for it. Thus I highly recommend Nikki Leigh’s 12-week program for gaining confidence and self-esteem to my clients.” ~ Carolyn Howard-Johnson, multi award-winning novelist, poet, author of the HowToDoItFrugally series of books for writers (

The search to find, develop and maintain a fulfilling, empowering relationships based on love, trust and mutual respect has been eternal and all-consuming for millions. It is also a search often filled with frustrations, disappointment, pain and heartache. There is no magic formula for building and sustaining meaningful, loving relationships. However there are some keys and tools that can be used to building those relationships.  Nikki Leigh provides those keys and tools in her empowering program “12 Stepping Stones to Learn to Love, Accept and Respect Yourself.”  It is sweeping, comprehensive, and totally enjoyable. I highly recommend it. – Earl Ofari Hutchinson – Author and Social Commentator

Nikki Leigh’s 12-part program “Learn to Love, Accept and Respect Yourself” is on target to help you work through problems that are holding you back from the life you want and will help you reach the next level. Five stars and it is first to the finish line – this program is a winner. ~ Lance Britt, Founder and CEO Across the Canvas Productions

Loving yourself should be one of the most natural things in the world, yet it is the one thing many of us do not know how to do. Nikki Leigh understands how difficult it can be to learn this and has developed a program that doesn’t give the normal “Get over it!” advice. Instead, she breaks the process down into manageable steps that help ease you into a place where you are not only capable of loving yourself, but also finally able to attract love and success into your life. You get not only the message of what you need to do, but also the guidance on HOW to do it. Whatever you wish for in life starts first with believing you are worthy of receiving it. You wouldn’t try to learn to play the piano from a basketball coach–why should you learn something even more precious from a person who doesn’t understand the process. Nikki Leigh is a love coach and she knows how you feel and how you got there; she also knows how to get you where you need to be. – Joyce Anthony, Author of Storm –

Here Are The Powerful Advantages You Will Gain From This Program

  • You will not stay in a relationship with an abusive partner
  • You will not let problems from your past cloud the future
  • You will not let inner or outer critics control your life
  • You will respect yourself and refuse to let people treat you badly
  • You can find a lasting love with a partner who loves & respects you
  • You will understand how to develop and listen to your intuition

 These qualities describe a person who has a healthy self-love, self-respect and self-esteem.

 Are There Any Strings Attached?

YES – You need to WANT to make a positive change in your life

YES – You must be WILLING to put the effort into the program

YES – You must WORK through the questions and exercises each week

YES – You can work at your own pace

Here’s what you get

During the 12 parts all members will receive:

  •  A PDF we created that covers the topic for that week – 40-60+ pages
  • The PDF also includes numerous questions, examples, exercises and more to help the members work through the topics discussed in the lesson
  • When applicable, there are videos linked to the content – for more information
  • Most weeks there will also be a relevant audio file – which may be from Nikki Leigh or from any of our “spotlight” people. On occasions there will be a video that is linked to the content for that lesson
  • Some weeks we will also offer related e-books or reports about topics that are relevant to the week’s content.
  • Nikki Leigh plans to re-launch her Ready for Love radio show – and it will cover many of the topics in the program.
  • And… you never know what else will be added
  • Also – any member of the Learn to Love, Accept and Respect Yourself Program will qualify for a 50% discount for one on one coaching sessions with Nikki Leigh

But There’s a Catch – It Is Not Free

Over the years I’ve learned that the majority of people do not place a real value on things that are free. Sure, we love free stuff, but how often does it end up lost on our hard drive or thrown in a closet or a drawer? The information in this program is much too important to run the risk of people filing it away and then ignoring it. You need to take action and you need to read this information, honestly answer the questions and work through the exercises. It is an intense 12 part course – but isn’t your life worth the effort? Isn’t it worth it to you to have a happier life, to feel better about yourself and to learn what you can and should do to have a happy and lasting love?

What does it cost to get involved?

The price for this $197 

You can have the tools at your fingertips to make a very positive change in your life.

 What are you waiting for…

Register Now!

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