Lessons Learned from the Land of Non-Monogamy

There are many forms of non-monogamy and it can get pretty confusing. This week we’re going to discuss the options, the choices and how it works. Even if the idea isn’t “your cup of tea” – you can learn more about the different terms and concepts and understand that it may be more common than you realize. I love to learn about alternatives and different ideas. Whether its something I choose for myself or not – I find it interesting to learn new things and why it appeals to other people. In that process I learn about myself and about others. My guest this week is Wendy Newman – she is a relationship expert and an author. She will be sharing information about her work but also her personal life. You just never know what we might discuss on this podcast….

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Some of the questions we will discuss –

  • Does a person have to be married or single to be polyamorous?
  • With all the options, how does a couple decide what’s right for them?
  • What are some of the alternative options for couples?
  • What can people tell their nosy neighbors?
  • Will people always “know” if their friends and neighbors are in open relationships?
  • Do people always know from the beginning of  relationship that they are meant to be open or poly?
  • What’s the difference between open and poly and swinging?

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Wendy Newman Bio:

Wendy Newman is a media celebrated author. She’s a dating and relationship expert who’s given relationship guidance to over fifty thousand women. She helps them find love, or stay in love, or make repairs in their partnerships and marriages.

Over the past 15 years, she’s interviewed thousands of people about relationships, love, dating, sex, and the opposite sex. She’s conducted polls, had one-on-one discussions, and has witnessed over a hundred panels of men talking on these topics.

Her book, 121 First Dates: got a lot of love from The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Glamour, Self, Redbook, Huffington Post, Access Hollywood and more. Her second book, Breaking the Relationship Rules: Your Alternative Guide to a Happy Life is in progress now. 

And for the first time publicly, she’s here to talk about her personal life.

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