Learn How to Please a Woman

Men need to understand that knowing the techniques to please a woman can be a very rewarding experience. Understanding the ways to truly and deeply please a woman – will give you a sense of power. It makes you the ideal partner. It makes you the only man she will want. It makes her ask you for sex – would you enjoy that? Then, read on.

Truly pleasing intimacy and sex involve being aware and being able to know what a woman wants and desires. This is not a tip sheet just to get a woman into bed – it goes deeper than that. This is instruction to enable you to please a woman on a deeper level and to build a lasting bond between you.

There are three characteristics a man needs to please a woman:

  • She needs a father figure – he will care, protect and support her when she needs his support
  • She needs a lover – he will appreciate, desire and respect her, and make passionate love to her
  • She needs a mischievous little boy – be fun, playful and unpredictable, keep things interesting

There are times when your woman wants you to take control. She knows you want sex – but show that you want and desire her. Show that you want to please her. She wants you to help her feel confident sexually – it is always great to encourage her to take the lead in your sexual activities. When she shows initiative and instigates sex – encourage her, but let her maintain control. Otherwise, you can discourage her from taking the lead in the future.  When she shows the initiative, let her know that you are ready, willing and able to participate and to please her.

Keep your lovemaking, fun, unpredictable and enjoyable. There are times when you both need to have fun and to laugh. You never want to laugh at a lover, but have fun and laugh with your lover. This is one area where that mischievous little boy is needed. Let the fun loving little girl in your woman come through.  Laughter is a key to a lasting and satisfying relationship.

This can be very beneficial for parents who are preoccupied with home, work and children. When your children are asleep or out of the house, close the door and be totally submerged in time for you and your woman – not the dutiful mother, but the fun, sensual woman you want to please.

There are many more tips to pleasing a woman – including the ways to please a woman, the benefits of pleasing a woman and individual techniques to please her emotionally, mentally, physically and sexually. For more detail, check the How to Please a Woman home study course from Loveology University – http://www.loveologyuniversity.com/ShortCourseDetails.aspx?CourseID=35&a_aid=litekepr

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