Kissing Reminders

Some people tend to take kissing for granted or let kissing become routine with their partner. But, kissing is a great way to be intimate with your partner and to have some stimulating and positive interaction with one another. Every one likes something a little different when they kiss – but these are some basics that will apply to just about everyone.

  • Taste and smell your lipstick, lip gloss or chapstick. There are many flavors of lip gloss and chapstick – does your partner have a favorite.
  • Include other parts of your body to enhance your kissing. Use your hands, arms, legs, etc. You can start by running your hand or fingers up your partner’s arm or leg. Maybe you want to slide your hand behind his or her neck and you can run your fingers through their hair.
  • Lick your lips and press them together before kissing – this will soften, warm and moisten them. Dry lips aren’t sexy or sensuous.
  • Most people close their eyes when they kiss, so its good to close your eyes. However, sometimes it is nice to open your eyes and look at each other a bit.
  • Kiss other parts of the body. Definitely don’t limit your kissing to just the lips – there are many other areas of the body that you will enjoy kissing. For a wealth of suggestions, download my free ebook
  • Kissing is important in helping you maintain a healthy, loving relationship. There are a good number of couples who stop kissing – this is the first red flag that you are drifting apart. Make it a priority to kiss your partner at least once a day – and make it a real kiss, not just a quick kiss in passing.
  • Incorporate kissing into your day – pecks on the cheek to say hello, a longer kiss when you leave for work, a warm kiss when you get home and tender, sensual kissing at bedtime.
  • Kissing can be playful – some options are rubbing noses. quick kisses on the cheek or hand. These kisses can be almost anywhere on the body, but keep it fun and enjoyable for you and your partner. Laugh and giggle while you’re kissing, laugh with your partner, but never let it seem like you’re laughing at your partner.
  • Did you know the tongue is a very sensual organ of the body? There are many touch and taste sensations in the tongue. Use those intense and plentiful sensations to enhance your kissing experiences.
  • Giggle and laugh while kissing. Enjoy yourselves.

Do you have some favorite tips that you’d like to share? Feel free to include them in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Kissing Reminders

  1. Viva la kiss! Remembering to kiss your beloved (often!) is a great way to stay connected and create more romance in your relationship.

    In Joy,
    Sara McGoodwin
    Chief Executive Romance Goddess
    Life Can Be a Honeymoon. Let’s Start NOW!

  2. Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂

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