Keep Love Alive – Kissing Tips

Kissing is an important element in your relationship. When we first get together with someone new, we kiss a lot. But after being together for a long time, do you still kiss one another on a daily basis — preferably several times a day? Below re a few basic kissing tips. What would you add to the list? Suggest something good — and I’ll add it to the list AND I may include it in an upcoming ebook that I’m writing. So give me your best ideas 🙂

Remember the Kissing Rules

1. Never force a kiss – only kiss those who want to be kissed
2. Never judge – never criticize your partner’s kissing technique
3. Never shove your tongue – play nice
4. Never bite – be considerate (although I encourage nibbling)
5. Always start soft and gentle – lead the way
6. Never slobber – no one likes dry kisses, but don’t slobber
7. Always have good kissable breath – be prepared

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