Interview – Michael Schuessler

Nikkie Leigh – Would you like to share your name?
Michael Schuessler

Nikki Leigh – Let’s start by sharing details about what prompted you to become involved in a love, relationship or sex related field? Or, what helped you to be a “sex positive” person?Michael-Schuessler-Cropped

Michael Schuessler – That divine spirit that lives and breathes through us all. The book and its contents were an epiphany which sprang from that same source, so I felt the need and necessity to nourish and help people get back to that passionate desire that is seated within us all.

Nikki Leigh – In the last couple of years in particular, I’ve realized just how positive that can be for people and that many people need to get back to that passion. I like to establish credibility, so what qualifies you to be a “sex positive” person? Tell us how you contribute to the growing “sex positive” community.

Michael Schuessler – I didn’t know you needed qualification to be a sex positive person, but seriously it’s a matter of experience and intuition and sharing that experience and intuition with people, thus drawing those in need to me and sharing that experience and intuition with them. Sometimes it’s better to hear from someone, even a stranger, for you to listen and understand answers that you are unwilling to accept from someone close to you. That’s what makes it work. My willingness to help and listen without condemnation or judgment makes it easy for you to lower the walls that may keep you from healing.

Nikki Leigh – Very true and I’ve especially enjoyed the number of people in the “sex positive” community who are not judgmental – its been a welcome change for me. In a few sentences, how do you describe what you do and how you help people to be more “sex positive”?

Michael Schuessler – I do this through communication, patience, self-love, and understanding of the sensuality of touch. I help people experience themselves and their partners with freshness and excitement so that they may once again renew the desires they once had for each other or for that matter, themselves. The human body is a wondrous thing. We have but to experience it on All-levels and in All-ways in order to share it with those whom we love. It’s a basic system of relationships, and relating anatomy into lovemaking.

Nikki Leigh – What sort of education, background, experience etc do you have for this work?

Michael Schuessler – My training is through experience. I have expertise from decades of work within the Healing Arts, ie, the Qabalah, and Tarot, healing with sound and color, and the ability to gain a heightened sense of intuition when it comes to the desire nature. This gives me a firm ability to get to the heart of the matter when it comes to a breakdown in sensuality, sexuality and/or relationships.

Nikki Leigh – How did your “sex positive” journey begin?

Michael Schuessler – I was born with this mission. I truly believe that at this point in time I have a mission and this mission is, through the use of positive imagery and techniques, to heighten people’s awareness in the sexuality realms. Whether it is artistically or physically I see and have always seen sensuality in all forms in this life I live. To be passionate is to be alive! Every act is an act of desire it just depends on the outcome and how you perceive the outcome that changes the perspective.

Nikki Leigh – If you have a main focus or niche – what is it?

Michael Schuessler – The G-spot, and all of the paths and techniques that lead you to the G-spot. I am also very good at teaching the techniques of self love (wink, wink) for one needs to be able to love one’s self before they can love another, whether physically, mentally or emotionally.

Nikki Leigh – Totally agree with you – I often tell people they need to love themselves, and its disturbing how many people don’t feel that way. But, we’re here to help them. With this variety of experience and interests, what lead you to that specialty?.

Michael Schuessler – Many years of practice and experimentation… and the epiphany that led me to write the Holy G-rail.

Nikki Leigh – What has been the hardest thing about your work?

Michael Schuessler – The negativity that surrounds sexuality as a whole, it’s hard to change many centuries of downplaying the importance and religious persecution of the act itself. So many people have been ingrained with the idea that sex is dirty and/or should only be performed to create life, this is a Phallic I mean Fallacy, and this kind of thinking can be a detriment to mankind. For desire is the true key of all creation. Snuff out this and you snuff out all aspects of life.

Nikki Leigh – What has been the most rewarding thing about your work?

Michael Schuessler – The research, and putting into practice that which I learned. Mostly I find it very rewarding to help others through their journey and seeing the rewards of that evolution. The satisfaction that I can help others and at the same time create a better harmony within this world we live in.

Nikki Leigh – Tell us about your business..

Holy G RailMichael Schuessler – I am an author, artist and photographer, and the CEO of Holy G Wear LLC. I also have a clothing line, Holy G wear which is expanding as we speak. I am doing phone consults with individuals that have issues dealing with sex, sensuality and/or relationships, A Sexuality Life Coach if you will. My main focus is to teach people how to love themselves! You would be surprised how many people don’t. They just never learned how.

Nikki Leigh – Do you have a website and/or blog?

Michael Schuessler – Yes you can visit me at or and I also write for the Examiner. I have a Q&A column ”Ask Michael”. I am the Denver Sex and Sexuality Examiner.

Nikki Leigh – How could someone get in touch with you?

Michael Schuessler – You can e-mail me at or you can call me at: 1-855-Holy G 4 U, (1-855-465-9448) In the Denver Colorado area (720-981-7777)

Nikki Leigh – Who are your favorite types of client?

Michael Schuessler – Any client is a good client…For we all need a little help now and then.

Nikki Leigh – Would you like to share your most unusual experience?

Michael Schuessler – Being on Playboy radio (in the studio) and having naughtiness go on during the interview and still being able to focus on my answers. It was very hard to think and be on top of things. (wink, wink) no pun intended.

Nikki Leigh – How do you promote your business?

Michael Schuessler – Internet, interviews, radio, word of mouth, an awesome publicist and of course your wonderful page!

Nikki Leigh – Have you written any books or developed any products for your clients?

Michael Schuessler – I wrote the Holy G Rail (G-spot, R-relating, A-anatomy, I-into, L-lovemaking) and in the process of writing 5 more in the series. I am also starting on a new type of book about the journey through the legal system, first-hand experience.

You can find me at the following links:

Nikki Leigh – Thank you for taking the time to share information about yourself and your “sex positive” experiences and your journey.

Michael Schuessler – Thank you! This has been a very wonderful experience! Please keep doing what you are doing. It is so important to make sex a positive experience, in all ways!


We hope that you enjoyed the interview this week. If you are “sex positive” and work to help other people to become more “sex positive” – feel free to contact me about participating in this interview series. We want plenty of diversity in the participants, so drop me a note at and we can talk.

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