Interview – Dr Jane H Sheeba

Would you like to share your name?

Yep! Hi, I am Jane H. Sheeba.

In a few sentences, how do you describe what you do?

I am passionate about writing articles. I actually like to write about issues and their fixes. Other than love and relationships, some of the topics I cover include, self improvement, motivation, time management, productivity, goal setting and tips for blogging. Since I discovered that I write a lot I thought it would be cool to start a blog and so I ended up blogging. I work full time as a Scientist doing some research in Medical Physics (and if I start telling about that, few lines won’t be enough 🙂 You can find a little more about my research here ( and here (

How long have you worked in this industry?

Writing article/Blogging – since 2007. Research – since 2005.

If you have a main focus or niche – what is it?

I actually blog on multi niche. But one of my main interests is “Love and Relationships”.

What has been the hardest thing about your work?

To keep up the motivation steady! It is really the hardest thing I have ever experienced.

What has been the easiest thing about your work?

When I am turned on, I can work without breaks even for 2 days. I can get a lot accomplished this way, quite easy.

What has been the most rewarding thing about your work?

My determination.

What additional training did you feel that you needed to do more for your clients?

I plan to give a 30 day e-training course and an e-book – both are on my to-do list and am working towards them.

How long have you been in business?

Since 2007.

Did you expand an existing business to include love and relationship coaching?

Yes, I originally started to blog mainly about self improvement and later expanded to include love and relationship stuff.

Do you have a website and/or blog?

Yes, I do. and the blog’s name is Find All Answers.

How could someone get in touch with you?

I like to be easily accessible. I have a dedicated contact page at my blog. (

Would you like to share your most unusual experience?

Here I am blogging! This is the most unusual thing I would ever experience in my life. I am a Medical Physics scientist and I never ever thought I would end up blogging up issues on life and technology. This is also the most unexpected thing in my life. I remember reading somewhere (I think at Copyblogger) that blogging is not for science people.

How do you promote your business?

I use mainly social networking to promote my business. I do have some handful of friends and family well-wishers who also do some promotion for me.

Have you written any books or developed any products specifically for your clients?

I have written one free e-book named “Your guide to better time management”. I am working on a more serious course work one on Relationships and the other on motivation. I hope to launch them very soon.

If so, definitely share some details and links for more information.

You can freely download my ebook here Your guide to better time management. (

What did I forget to ask?

Hmm.. nothing actually. But I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts. While answering your questions I took my memories a few years back when I started blogging and so on. So it was a really nice and memorable interview. I enjoyed answering your questions.


Research Scientist
Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics
Bharathidasan University
Tiruchirappalli – 620 024

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