Interview – Courtney Calvert

I’d like to introduce you to Courtney – she completed her Love Coach training around the time I did and she’d like to share some information with you about her work.

Would you like to share your name? Sure, Courtney Calvert

What prompted you to learn more to become a Love Coach or a Sexpert? Several years as a consultant for a party planning company I was taking college courses in human sexuality, anatomy…after venturing out on my own, I wanted to continue my education but found that start fees and being on my own was expensive so I started looking for an alternative and found LU. Seemed perfect to get certified! I have found that people respond to it better too.

What is your title? Love Coach – Sexpert – Party Planner – etc – Love Coach

In a few sentences, how do you describe what you do? I am a facilitator for individuals and couples to have a non-judgmental, open minded person to open up to what may be holding them back from being the best lover they can be. Together we find healthy positive outlets and solutions to have a happy, healthy and fulfilling Love Life with themselves and whomever they wish to share it with.

How long have you worked in this industry? 6 years

Speaking of the industry – how do you classify the industry or business that you work in? Sexual Health & Education

If you have a main focus or niche – what is it? I mainly focus on Sex & Disability, Intimacy thru Chemo, HIV/AIDS, and the LGBTQQ communities. Having gone through some of these, and watched/helped friends through others, it’s like the saying goes…Find a need, fill a need!

What led you to that specialty? I always knew I would be in a field of or about sex! Mainly, I wanted to work with Gay and Questioning persons, only because I come from that same background. The struggles with one’s self and then the awkwardness of what to do when in a same sex situation, you are not taught these things, and in my case, it was not something you admitted EVER. Same sex couples had the process of what sex could be, was something you saw on TV, Movies and your friends talked about…not so much in the homosexual field and not where I grew up. When I got older, I knew where my sexuality stood firmly and I don’t bend from it and hope I can help others see the light at the end of the dark and lonely tunnel sometimes.

The other came when we were forced to learn how to keep our 16 year marriage together after major medical issues and keeping our intimacy strong during 3 rounds of Cancer and 2 rounds of Chemo/Radiation. Not easy! My husband is a saint, bless his heart!

Being sick, and helping where I could during my well times as a payback, brought me face to face with a young gentleman who had HIV. He had just been diagnosed and I stood outside with him and talked for hours. I was only 23 then, and I don’t know where he is now…but I started learning and eventually came to understand a very hard to grasp illness. As I grow with my education and my directions with my personal coaching, I wanted to include HIV/AIDS as my certification. (AUGUST)

What has been the hardest thing about your work? It has to be watching the struggle within themselves, their own minds or choosing to step out of their box. There is only so much guidance you can give, it can’t be forced. They have to find their voice and either say NO WAY, or Sure, but help me.

What has been the easiest thing about your work? Just being able too! Have the comfort level to talk with others, and to have them feel comfortable to release their deeper self to me, a complete stranger.

What has been the most rewarding thing about your work? The letters/calls I get after….

What education do you have to do this sort of work? I have to say that my AAS in business management comes in handy at times…but truthfully 6 years as a party planner, and working with clients situations. I also became certified as a Master Sexpert (course offered through party company) ~certified with GVU in a 6 week training course. ~Certified with LU in Lovelogy ~ Certified HIV/AIDS (education & Blood Borne Pathogens Training)

What additional training did you feel that you needed to do more for your clients? I am a student of life, I will be continuing on into certification in Life Coaching, as well as attending classes, workshop and conference in my main field of practice. I do eventually want to go back to college and get my Master as a Sexologist so that I can work in a larger scale toward a better view of sex and creating a sex positive culture. (First I have to get my teenage son through high school and help him with college, then my turn)

Tell us about your business. I live in Seattle and use my skills with my own Company, Barely Innocent, offering education to my consultants, working with Clients at parties & privately in consult, by phone or in person as well as offering workshops online, in person or by teleconference. I just completed my Love Coach Program and plan on expanding into my own private practice in the coming months.

How long have you been in business? BIN has been in business for about 3 years.

Did you expand an existing business to include love and relationship coaching? Recently, yes and will be continuing too in the future. Which will include my own site (store with expanded selection of EVERYTHING)

Do you have a website and/or blog?

Barely Innocent ( (

Courtney (

Blog coming soon (

How could someone get in touch with you? Face book (Courtney Calvert) MSN Messenger (leave a note or I deny) or

Who are your favorite types of client? This may sound weird, but the VANILLA ones…they get so timid and scared when you work on anything…to watch them transform from someone who can’t make eye contact to full confidence…AMAZING!

Would you like to share your most unusual experience? Some of the observation trips I take…I write and often get granted permission to the amazing opportunity to view “activities”. It is all for education purposes, and I truly get educated at some of these events. I choose my groups based off of clients situations I may not be fully familiar with or have engaged in. Sometimes reference books and sites are not enough. So I go to workshops or clinics in Washington State to observe and ask questions (when appropriate) if I do not understand a technique etc.

How do you promote your business? Word of Mouth, Online Social Media forums, and just about everywhere I go, I slip it into conversations (where appropriate) and watch reactions. I do some print, some flyers. But mostly I hope I made someone enjoy our time enough to Yelp it (now that one is up) or perhaps pass a link when I post it up on a board.

Have you written any books or developed any products specifically for your clients? Nope, not yet!


We hope that you enjoyed the interview this week. If you are “sex positive” and work to help other people to become more “sex positive” – feel free to contact me about participating in this interview series. We want plenty of diversity in the participants, so drop me a note at and we can talk. If you would like to find out more about love and relationship coaching – feel free to download my ebook Make it Happen! Discover More Love and Passion (check out the last page, there is a special offer.)

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