How Can You Grab Her Attention

“I have a nice car. I have a nice house. My professional background and experience make me stand out from the other men. I even wear the latest Armani! Why doesn’t she flip for me? Why am I always alone??”

How many times did you pound the dashboard of your of your car in traffic, thinking about this persistent question?

The avenue to romance is littered with mangled hearts and unrequited love – for men and women. If you think you’re unique because you’re lonely, think again. There is enough dashboard pounding out there to start a global orchestra of lonely people who are looking for companionship and maybe love.

But don’t get overly concerned – I’m going to share some strategic maneuvers that should help you start getting the attention of women that you meet.

1) Dress to Kill – all the time. I don’t mean that you should wear $5000 suits to the grocers or the Rolex to walk the dog. What I want you to do is to dress nice each time you hit the streets. Dab on a bit of cologne – but do not overdo it. Be neatly shaven (although I must confess that I like a slightly scruffy look for a guy, but don’t look sloppy). Remember guys, women are everywhere. If you only dress nice at a bar or party, you’re missing out on 95% of eligible women. Some of the best relationships began during chance encounters at the bus stop, the laundry or the grocery store.

2) Bedroom Eyes – When exploring new relationships with that sexy stranger, intensify the eye contact. Look deep into her eyes – not at her cleavage. Let the rest of the world disappear even if a group of supermodels walk by. You will naturally thrill her with the attention as she experiences the growing attraction. Ethnologists have a term for it, the copulatory gaze. You can make your eyes even sexier by enlargening your pupils; Dr. Hess concluded that dilated pupils are far far more attractive to women. How does one get the pupils popping? Simply gaze at the most alluring parts of a woman’s face and fill your mind with loving caring thoughts. Your pupils naturally grow, giving you irresistible eyes.

3) Visual Caress – Let your eyes gaze move to various parts of her face as you chat. Linger a bit on the nose, brush across those lashes and rest on her lips. Drink in her facial features as though you were admiring the Mona Lisa. She will delight in the attention! I find that a light touch of your fingertip trailing across the face and enhancing your glance can be very arousing.

4) Hidden Messages – Are you stumped and have nothing to say? Listen carefully for hidden messages as you talk. These are unusual words or phrases that she utters. Ask her to expound on these things. You could say “What’s the story behind that?” or “How do you feel about that?” Women love for you to ask about their opinions and feelings. Gently bring out her emotions with sensitive open-ended questions. This has much more of an impact when it comes across that you really want to know what she thinks and how she feels, instead of just a trick to get her attention.

5) Keep it Adrenaline Charged – Men talk facts: stock figures, bill payments, and boring engine specs. Women are different. They delight in talking about their feelings – like maybe how their new shoes or dress makes them feel sexy, how that special ice cream made them feel better after a long tough day, how their shopping expedition seem to melt their deepest problems away. You can use this by steering away from talking about facts and figures. Pick emotionally charged subjects and ask her how she especially relates to them. You’ll be her new confidant! But get to know her a bit first to make sure she’s a touchy, feely kind of woman – some women enjoy talking about facts and figures too.

I know you’re thinking that this is all common sense! That’s true, but think about it – how often do you put this into practice. Be honest. Now, get out there and be the type of man that women love.

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