Holiday Stress and Relationships on Fame Music Radio

Holiday Stress with Families and Relationships on Ready for Love Radio with Love Coach Nikki Leigh

The biggest holiday season of the year is about to begin – are you excited or are you dreading it? Are you apprehensive about the time with your relatives? What about the questions from family about your date or your boyfriend or girlfriend? You’re not alone – many other people dread these and dozens of other questions. On this Ready for Love Radio show we’ll talk about these and many other concerns during the holiday seasons.

Sunday November 5th, 2017 at 9 am ET (US) and 4 pm (SAST)

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About LeslieBeth Wish –

Dr. LeslieBeth Wish, Ed.D. is an award-winning, nationally honored licensed clinical psychotherapist, specializing in helping you get smart, brave and intuitive in your love, life and work.

She is the author of “Smart Relationships (New Horizon Press),” which is based on five years of research with thousands of couples.  Dr. Wish says that she “writes about things that bother” her, and when she felt that she could not answer fully why so many of today’s women are smart about work but not love, she conducted years of research, using surveys, workshops, focus groups, and lectures to find out why.  She also says that, to her, “it is very important to give advice and tips that have been tested, trusted, and easily doable.”

Her book, and the accompanying workbook, “The Love Adventures of Almost Smart Cookie”  consists of 52 weekly, hand-drawn cartoons where the cartoon character Cookie makes the most common love mistakes. Each panel is based on a key research finding.

The National Association of Social Workers has placed Dr. Wish on their list of the Top Fifty Who Have Contributed to the Profession.  She is also the subject of biographical entry in many of the Marquis Who’s Who Publications for her pioneering work with women.

Her website  is frequently included in various lists such as the top 101 websites to watch; top dating expert advice; top 100 experts in lust, love and dating.

She is a regular guest on This Week in America, and a frequent guest on national radio talk shows and on ABC News, Sarasota, Florida.  She is also a frequent source for advice on major sites such as Elite Daily, and Bustle.

Dr. Wish served for many years as the Clinical Director of the nationally respected Institute of Family Relations, in the Boston area in Massachusetts.  The Institute was known as one of the first places to offer licensed, professional training to counsel sexual issues.

Her newest work is “Training Your Love Intuition.”  One of the many things that Dr. Wish learned from her research participants is that they either did not trust their intuition—or that their intuitive instincts were wrong!  Dr. Wish did more hands-on research to develop a program where learners can discover what gets in the way of accurate intuitive signals.

Sign up on her website to receive gifts and information about her love intuition workshops.

Dr. Wish’s education includes:

  • Bachelor degrees in History and English from Carnegie-Mellon University
  • Master in English from Ohio University
  • Master in Social Service and Management from Bryn Mawr College
  • Doctorate in Adult Developmental Psychology from University of Massachusetts-Amherst
  • Three years post-graduate training in Marriage & Family from The Family Center, Georgetown Medical School.
  • One year of living and studying cross-cultural family and child-rearing patterns in the Soviet Union

About Kristy Heart – 

Kristy Heart is a life & business strategist working with CEO’s, sales professionals, and solopreneurs to become unstoppable in every area of their lives using the dominatrix mindset… no safe word required.

Having built a 7-figure business, Kristy is well-versed in the challenges faced by those daring enought to ‘want it all’. And as an expert dominatrix and award-winning problem solver, she’s an authority in pushing through the limits of fear and helping others reclaim their inner power and passion – and it’s not about ‘ohm’ing your way to success or ‘hustling’ through an anxiety-fueled week.

Inner work + leveraged action = powerful results with half the effort.

In love, Kristy Heart, helps women attract, date, and captivate extraordinary men (with or without the kink) by teaching radical new techniques for becoming the woman he can’t get off of his mind. Because passionate love isn’t a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity.

Kristy has devoted her life to the art & science of having it all on her own terms… confidence, success, love, and happiness. You can find her motorcycle-riding, open-mic singing, house rehabbing or performing outrageous acts of kindness, but the easiest way to find her is just to email.

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