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Occasionally I feature guest posts on this blog. If you would like to contribute a guest post, I’ll consider it. The following are the guidelines to consider if you want to write a guest post for this blog.

Quality – I will only publish posts that are quality content and well written.

Original Content – I only accept original content that hasn’t been published elsewhere, and you must agree to not publish it elsewhere. If you have used it somewhere else and I really like it – I can suggest some subtle changes.

Preferred Topics – Nearly all topics related to love, relationship and sex are welcome. It’s always good to check with me first though, to see if what you want to write is something that I think will be a good fit or not. I do ask that you check with me if the content will be extremely graphic in content. If you take a look at my recent posts and most popular posts – you will get a good idea of the kind of content that I post here.

Interviews – I also have a prepared written interview for love, sex and relationship experts. If you would like to participate, please download Love Coach – Interview here and send to me at

Editing – I reserve the right to make minor edits (spelling, grammar, etc.) but I won’t make substantial changes that would be considered a rewrite. If I feel a portion should be rewritten for clarity or some other reason, I will tell you, and give you the option of making whatever changes might be needed. I may, however, break up long paragraphs into shorter ones, or even add a subheading or two for clarity as needed.

Images – Images are always appreciated. If you use images, you must have permission from the copyright holder to do so, and they must be properly attributed and credited.

SubHeadings – I recommend that you include subheadings within your post, and if you don’t, I might add some, so be aware of that.

Other EyeCatching Elements- It’s always good to break up long paragraphs into shorter ones, and to make use of things like bulleted lists. Make your post scannable. Again, if you don’t, I might.

Link Policies – I’m happy to let you place one or two links within the body of your post, as long as they point to something that is relevant to the post (and point to something that I don’t mind linking to… no spammy stuff). You can also, of course, place one or two links within the Author Bio.

Author Bio – An Author Bio is a must. Include one or two sentences letting readers know more about you. This bio will be included after the post.

How To Format The Post and Send It To Me – Text files only please or Word doc.

If you do use images, please just make a note within the post as to where you expect them to go. So for instance, just type something like [mycoolimage.gif goes here]. And of course, include all the images used in the post as attachments.

Just send any inquiries or potential posts to me at



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